Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by hippylifestyle, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. i was just browsing some seedbank sites for fun in my free time and i came across a site called bcseeds that claimed to many strains with thc potencies above 30%. this sounded like exaggeration on their part. i was wondering if anyone knew if their facts were legitimate, if that's even really possible? one of their strains they claimed was 36% which to me seems unheard of but it's also very possible im just behind on the science
  2. As far as i know there are no strains that really go over 30%. even under the ideal conditions that these commercial growers have, ive never seen any strain over 25%. theare are very few strains that even go that high so i doubt if theres tons in the 30's its some bs. i dont know for sure but id have to actually see the lab results to believe this one... lol.
  3. ok yeah that's what i thought. i was under the impression most dank strains were about 20% so 30% seemed absurd. i'm pretty sure the site is glorifying its data, but i just wasn't sure if i was behind on some new science or something

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