BCN Diesel? ++ Pics!

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  1. I have two plants growing in my closet right now at Day 21 from sprout (a master kush and a BCN Diesel, which I got for free with the order from Attitude seed bank). I read on the site that BCN is said to finish flowering and be ready for harvest 8-9 weeks from seed. Since I'm at week 3 and my plant is only this big (see picture below: BCN Diesel is the first 2 pictures), I was wondering what people here knew about the strain and any advice they could give. (Advice about Master kush and when I can begin the flowering stage would help too since they're in the closet together so when I flower one I need to flower both...ALSO: I really need to harvest by December 15 since I leave my apartment for a month at that time....)

    THANKS! :)

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  2. I don't know about the strain, but they look like they are going to be fairly hearty. They look like they are going to bush out a lot. They look like a good size for 3 weeks.

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