BC Sweet Toothe -- Soil Grow at 1 month budding

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by odor, Mar 25, 2006.

  1. These are a couple of BC Sweet Toothe girls. They have been under a 400HPS for 2 months now, one month veg at 24/0 and one month at 12/12.

    They are a bit smaller than I am accustomed to, but with room temperatures falling into the 40's at night on occassion, they are not all that stunted -- although under the proper circumstances you can get this strain to complete budding in as little as 40 days flowering.

    The soil is miracle grow (horrors I know, but I have never had an issue with it).

    They have been pruned twice which accounts for the lack of bush.



  2. Nice plants, they look good and healthy.
  3. Those plants are looking really nice man :) bet you cant wait till there done hehe. great job! :D
  4. is there a reason one plant looks way more trimmed up than the other???did you use different techniques??if so which one paid off more..always on look out for new good techniqus...
  5. they do look good , have you stuck a themometer in there to see the lights out temp. lookig good
  6. Again, lights out dips into the 40's. Not a bad thing but it will slow growth. Some folks do this on purpose.

    One plant looks different than the other because of breeding -- that is what you get after too many generations of bad phenotyping. In reality the left plant would be clones and the right tossed out -- because this is an off grow I don't care.

    Both have been pruned to a total of around 60% fan leaf removal.

    There are people who say you can't use miracle grow, there are people who say you can't do 24/0 and there are people who say you can't prune.

    These people probably never even took a high school botany class.

  7. Anyone who says you can't do something in science is always shown up by Mother Nature. Too bad high school botany did not touch on marijuana growing. It is a little different from growing other plants though. The thing is 40 degrees is too cold, 18/6 is better than 24/0, pruning slows down overall growth and Miricle Grow is the worst soil to use for growing MJ.
  8. 40's is not too cold, MJ is just like many other plants, 18/6 is fine if you want slower growth almost all plants that flower benefit from pruning and Miracle Grow soil is just fine.

    The misinformation posted on this site by folks who simply repeat things they have read from other misinformed people is amazing. It is a damn shame overgrow is gone.
  9. Looking great bro.. good luck on the finish.. R+ for your work. Only advice I have is to Clean the dead leaves of the top of your pots, It can cause mold.. choke with ya later..
  10. dude the only one misinformed is you,,,, its almost comical,,,let me quote to you right out of ED ROSENTHAL '' the closet cultivator'',,, chapter 10 ( temperature) pot grows best with a temp. in yhe low to mid 70s during the lit period and 5 to 10 degrees lower during the dark period . low temps under 65 ,slow photosynthesis and growth,,, temps under 50-55 virtually stop growth. temps in the 40s cause slight temporary tissue damage ,,, when temps dip in the high 30s tissue damage,which takes several days to repair,may result-especially in older plants. pg.59 excellent book i think you should get one. sounds like you need it. you cant debate annything that ed has in print hes the prince of growing pot.

  11. Odor. As you can see I have been on this board for about three years now and have been growing a little longer than that. I have read a few books on the subject and have researched tons of other sites including this one. I have personally seen and had bad results with most of the Miricle Grow products especially with newbees. Don't take my word for it though, Chicken quoted Ed Rosenthal who has been growing pot since the late sixties early seventies. He says 40 degrees is way to cold. Who are you to argue with the experts? From what I can see you have a five gallon bucket there and a plant that is growing much slower than potential. I suggest you do a search on GC about all these things we are talking about including proper growing temperature, Miricle Grow Soil and a 24/7 vs. 18/6 lighting schedule. Then go pick up the book that Chicken mentioned along with one called The MJ Insiders grower Guide by Mel Frank. Also pick up Grow Great Marijuana: An Uncomplicated Guide to Growing the World's Finest Cannabis by Logan Edwards. Logan Edwards is floating around here on this BB. It would behoove you to do these things because your high school botany class did not pay off, your MJ growing theory needs lots of work and your plants need work as well. Good luck and Welcome to Grass City.
  12. wow. well said. LOL. and im sorry but thats just plain arrogance(not you smknVTEC) if you dont like it here at the city, then go somewhere else. folks who simply repeat things theyve heard before? this is what people do everytime they make a refernce to anything they did in school!! people mostly learn from others and then re-distribute that information themselves. this is called the learning curve. and for the record. 40 IS too cold, 24/0 actually slows plant growth,(the best mj in the world is natural mj. 24 hour light is not natural) and pruning has been PROVEN to decrease yield when performed while in flower. think about it, if you prune a plant that is TRYING to turn all its attention to flowering, then you come along with your secateurs and annihilate it, it obviously has to divert ALOT of its attention to healing the damage caused by the pruning. thus decreasing yield and potency. pruning performed during veg can actually INCREASE yield and potency as it slowly trains the plant to become more resilient to damage. sheesh it is a damn shame OG is gone. cos now we gotta put up with all the assholes from there as well as the ones that were already here.:eek:
  13. Not an issue given the low humidity -- which is an issue in other ways as the plants wick water faster than normal and decent budsize requires a saturation at the end of cycle.

    No. Moreover, why do you think we see the biggest vegitables and fruits from areas that have more natural light, i.e. northern latitudes?

    Incorrect again, pruning can actually increase yield.

    Again, there are a lot of nice folks on this site -- but there is a hell of a lot of misinformation from a lot of folks who have no clue what they are talking about -- or the really dangerous ones -- the folks who have read a book or two and think they are experts.

    I have a degree in Botany, I grew up in a family that runs a nursery. There are a lot of people with good intentions who want to apply what they believe is common logic to the issue of growing plants. Simply put -- it is not that simple.
  14. :poke: too each his own i guess,,,dont get so uptight.......you addressed every issue but the temp. issue which was my question,,,, so i let ed rosenthal,, explain temp. to you,,, i guess that info. sunk in and you absorbed it,,,that 40 degree room proably has 4 huge afghan blankets wrapped around it now.... [ when you read a book you dont become a expert,,,but your a little more informed on a subject , than one who hasnt bothered to read nothing]
  15. i had to go look at your plants again,,, i was thinking 45 days of flowering ,, at 40 degree temp,,,, i just wanted to make sure it wasnt broccoli,,,,,,,,,, but thats definatlly weed in the picture....
  16. Just did it, and Iam in 5 days flower, i have seen pic's here and other sites where the plant is pruned damn there bald and yield is increased, I think they mean dont prune in late flower, but veg. and right before the stretch in early flower go for it, this way you can see what branches are gonna make it and ya clear the way (removing leaves) for them, the ones that are buried underneath and are small and weak ya simply remove them, your plant can now BREATHE better, and your budsites will get light, and removing lower branches and leaves down low the plant infact now focus's more attention towards the budsites you pruned for. I did the LST and can say you have to prune when tieing down, those big fan leaves get in the way blocking light. After tonight there will be no more pruning, I have done the trimming since veg. and the stretch is about to begin so i will watch them GROW. 4 plants and 2 have shown female and well 2 haven't shown sex yet, but 2 with 11 tops on 1 plant and 13 tops on another you dont get that many budsites if ya dont prune, oh and I didn't top or FIM nothing just kept bending the top down, try it for yourself, what works for some just may not work for others, remember that, this is why there's different opinions, experiment ----------
  17. its all well and good to nit-pick through my post and pull out bits that make me look stupid, but i think i made it clear that i meant pruning during flowering has been proven to decrease yield. because it has. so i am actually not incorrect, and personally see it irrelavant that you have a degree in botany/your family runs a nursery as none of that has anything to do with growing marijuana. the best marijuana in the world IS natural marijuana, whereas to a certain point the more light the better(your reference to northern locations where days are longer) continuous light has no noticable benefit when compared to an 18/6 shedule.(in relation with marijuana.). im not saying im the source of all knowledge, and i certainly dont have a degree in botany, but i can grow some damn nice pot if i may say so myself. btw, please dont make me look stupid, its incredibly degrading.

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