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bc - SUPER OG KUSH, bubba kush

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by jerzilla, Sep 15, 2009.

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    pictures of bubba kush on second page, that's the super og pictured above.
  2. Wow, nice. Looks excellent. Mmm, crystals.
  3. awesome in the vape
  4. That looks mad fire yo, +rep
  5. damn that looks dank, what makes that bud 'super'? im smoking og kush atm, but it doesnt compare to your bud haha. and what kind of vape is that? that vapor looks a little combusted
  6. gorgeous bud and top notch trim job. my buddy has the same vape, shit puts me into the clouds.
  7. wow that looks insane lol
  8. i can honestly say i have only smoked a bud or two of something that looked like amazing.
  9. damn thats some nice ass bud man. +rep
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    nice drum machine dog i got a mpd 24..........btw nice vape n nug
  11. looks fantastic! wanna give it to me? lol
  12. i've gotten a good hand job before, but those buds looks like a really good trim job. the bag alll the smoke is inside on the pic with the vape looks like it was made out of serran wrap. or does it look like that normally ? thats a damn good makeshift bag if u made it urself
  13. One of the best bud shots Ive seen in a while. Enjoy that man how much did you pick up? :smoke:
  14. hooray for that bud dude, beautiful. oh, and i wanted to point out the morrocan bizzarre febreze in the vape picture...........amazing choice sir, best febreze ever. hands down.
  15. that vapor bag looks like cotton candy. just my .02:wave:

    i hope you enjoy that nug
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    my default bags started leaking, went to safeway and copped 2 "oven bags" for $3 and made new bags... they are food grade, good up to 400 degrees... so they work excellent

    not sure, prolly super kush x og kush, yeah the temp is REALLY high .... but the guage goes from 0-400 degrees... so you can choose

    vaporizer is herbalaire 2.1, does bags and direct inhale, very efficient vape... tests have shown that if you take used herb out of a volcano my vape can pull 3 more bags out of volcano discards


  17. [​IMG]


  18. [​IMG]
    i have Brazilian berry in my car, shit is the best in the car the berry smell is so strong.
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