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Discussion in 'General' started by freqazoidiac, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. BC seeds was once a reputable company.
    The only company I had 100% positive with always
    free seeds in the mix that grew very well and had strong
    Although some of their copy is exaggerated, they had
    nice stuff for the price.

    Now I see some posts here from 2011 that slam BC Seeds but
    it was closed at this point. There indeed may have been a clone
    company that popped up. Not enough details were explained.

    My question today is I personally have found BC seeds back online.
    With a different color scheme but same Icon.
    This in itself is suspect to me as it alerts the web designer in me
    that it's basic and assembled quickly.

    BUT it does have legit check out ect.

    The other factor that is suspect is the owner is pleading for PICTURES
    of your grow.
    That sounds rediculous to me as they want to remain anonymous
    so should the buyer.

    To look at prices now you have to log in. I'm not sure if that's the way
    it used to be.

    I thought BC seeds became BC Seed king. But am I way off?

    I want to know if anyone has real life experience with BC Seeds
    as of this last few months. I just found out tonite they were back
    but is this a scam site now?

    I can't find any current reviews online.
    The whole MJ experience online is different suddenly and I see
    there are many fed traps set and sprung now.

    Be careful folks.
  2. I would like to hear more about BcSeedKing and if they are reliable. I've perused their site quite a few times and personally like their strain selection and especially their prices for such strains, as long as good solid genetics.
    Hoping anyone has some experience with this site they can let me know about?
    Also DrChronic, I would like to know if they are reliable as I would like to order some Lowryder/Autoflowering strains from them.
  3. Yeah , actually I would like to know too, as I meant to mention that in my post- there's so much hype about it but I haven't read one real world posting about their stuff. And I don't know anyone personally who dealt with Seed Kings of BC. I live in BC and never heard of them except online.


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