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BC, macros, NEBULA, dutch kush, come in for fun times YAY

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by jerzilla, May 27, 2010.

  1. newest pickup, took two quick budshots

    nebula - have had it before, this looks like a different grower, has that dank cheese smell

    dutch kush - my fuck, sickly sweet smell, have not come across such a pungent strain in awhile...
  2. Looks like some delicious weed man!:bongin:
  3. thanks rep.
  4. yummy, +rep for some true dankness
  5. Killer herb man, both strains look top notch.

    Which is your favorite?

  6. haven't consumed any yet, think im about to dive into the dutch kush first, deciding between the bong and the herbalaire.

  7. Nebula is one of the strains I want to try the most, good looking buds man, enjoy that shizz for me im dry ):
  8. about to vape some nebula, will report back.
  9. people, i have a boner
  10. i ended up salad'ing them @_@
  11. Looks like some flame ass bud, good pickup
  12. I like Nebula quite a bit, haven't seen it in a year or so though.
  13. yeah it's a nice smoke, has some punch in the vape.

    [and rep(s)]
  14. ive got 4 strains in my vape so it's kinda hard telling what is doing what
  15. some fire.

  16. both look damn good. havent had either
  17. repped all i could
  18. smoking some dutch kush out of a glass spoon, tastes good when i exhale... almost like caramel

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