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  1. Hi i have 5 BC big budha 4.5 weeks old but they seem to be taken ages to grow i dont no if its the strain as i aint done this one befor bit they just dont seem to be growing they wrre under a progation lamp for about 2 weeks on 18/6 and the last 2.5 weeks under a 400 w metal halide
    I am having a little heat prob could this br the cause of not growing as fast or is this the strain i rekon they are about 6" tall i have done other strains and i remember them be like 12" by now Can any one help plz thanks
  2. without pictures, details of the grow space, temperatures, its kinda hard to point out a specific problem. Any way you can take a few pics of the plants and area that they are in?
  3. Make sure temp, pH, air flow, nutes, water, and humidity are all in check.

  4. Will get pics soon tge area is 1.2x1.2x2 m
    125 mm ectractor ( sucking of of the top of the tent) does this need to go in to a differnt room )

    100 mm intake (from out side)
    Neuts 0.9 (cana coco a+b
    Ph 5.8
    Neut solution temp 23.6
    400 watt mh didgital ballest tec 1
    15ltr pots
    Temp 86.3 at tge top of plants
    3.5 week old (not 4.5)

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