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bc bud depot: review

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by fullsun, Apr 22, 2011.

  1. i ordered 2 packs from bc bud depot, now out of amsterdam. they arrived in 5 weeks. 100% germination rate. the plants are beautiful and thriving one month out.

  2. 5 weeks? They came on the proverbial "slow boat from China".
  3. I paid 150 seven weeks ago. Still no
    merchandise or reply. The phone
    number listed does nothing. It seems BC BUD DEPOT IS A SCAM
  4. Stick to this trusted list http://www.seedbankupdate.com/su.html

    Also, look in the seed bank section of GC, there are reviews there as well. BC Bud Depot ripped me off years ago. I sent them a money order and never got my gear. Attitude Seed Bank has delivered every time for me. I use a debit card and my gear is from UK to the States in 10 days :smoking:
  5. I ordered from 2 diff companies on the same day ... got my first package in 10 days from Amsterdam but is week 5 and still waiting on BC BUD DEPOT , sent 3 emails already and got no reply ... my last one wasn't very nice lol
    I'm not buying from them again ... they are plenty of companies willing to get my business out there
  6. HORRIBLE COMPANY! do not give them your money! They will take your money and never send you anything! Never return emails or contact you. I should have read the reviews BEFORE making my order. I ordered 48 seeds, have not seen or heard anything. When I ordered I was talking to someone who said I would receive them in 7dys... still NOTHING, and my acct says "processing" and shipping date is "Unknown". I will NEVER order from them again. I should have stuck with other banks. I spend A LOT of money on seeds... NOT WITH BC BUD DEPOT ANYMORE! BUYERS BEWARE and stay far far away from them!!!

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