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bbs + bong ( you gota try it)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by vdanglz, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. So i put airsoft bbs in my straightube tube..hugeee difference. I still put water and didnt even put ice in. But the hits were at least 2 times smoother. I probably put like 100 bbs... a good amount at least... and tested it out. Do it for yourself and tell me what u think. :bongin:
  2. were they plastic?
  3. oh god. if they were lead, horrible idea. if plastic, awesome idea!
  4. Well "airsoft" is a big thing, it means its plastic.
  5. Makes sense...the airsoft BBs help to diffuse the smoke. My LHS has diffusion beads that they sell (which basically look like plastic BBs, just a little bigger than airsoft) for the same purpose.
  6. Im glad someone finally posted results.. i never thought it would work. Now i gotta convince the little neighbors to give me some of their bbs haha
  7. Sounds kinda crazy. Where did you get the idea to try this...?
  8. Ya they were plastic bbs. And i got it from science class actually lol im 18... b4 ppl flip...
  9. God I wish I had my bong so I could try this
  10. Marbles work just as well for people that don't wanna use plastic bb's
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  12. I only have the lead bb's ):

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