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  1. Hello all! This is my Very first bubble bucket grow so I hope it all turns out well.... I am doing 2 bubble buckets containing the Tangerine dream and Blueberry gum, Both of which are feminized. I decided to try out the ak-48 (regular) in FF soil and see how it all works out.

    The Seeds each cracked a day after each other so thats why there a little different in proportions....Bare with my with the pictures for now, I dont have a very good camera atm.

    I am using a 400 watt MH/HPS throughout the grow, I am also waiting to get my mylar grow tent. I am Using FF nutrients throughout the Grow, along with Hygrozyme and when I flower budd candy =]

    Also have a Hanna TDS meter and a Milwaukee PH meter and am using RO water, of course =]

    I mainly need this journal for myself so I can keep track of my grow...but pleeeeease feel free to add input and corrections that I'm sure i will need.

    The girls(hopefully including Ak) are a range from 5 days , 6 days, and 7 days from seed. The small one is the Tangerine dream, I think the seed rolled into the rockwool upside down and took some extra time for it to sprout, but none the less sprouted :hello: The bigger one in the BB is obviously the Blueberry gum and the soil like i said earlier the ak-48.

    Im sure I missed some info but feel free to critic me, im sure i need it.

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  2. Cool man. What's FF soil?

    Along for the ride.
  3. sorry, i mean that foxfarm is the brand. The soil is their original mix
  4. Hi all, or one only... not really much to update, the plants look really nice except for the tangerine dream =[. hasnt really grown at all and the bottom of the stem looks dark, i figured maybe its not getting enough / or at all water from the bubble bucket so i fed it through the top today.

    Only thing to really report on is the blueberry gum has finally got its roots out of the hydroton :hello:
  5. Ok, not much to update except i added nutes for the first time and i also got a grow tent :hello: although my leaves have been looking a little strange as you can see from the pictures

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  6. Yea man that happens to me almost every time I move from water to nuted water, no matter how gradual I increase it. Basically it's nute burn/twist in my case.

    If you'd only fed them once right as you took this picture then the only thing I think you can modify is the pH of the water. As long as that is right you should be gtg.

    Additionally I have a buddy who also tried a single Tangerine Dream seed which sprouted, put out round leaves, then 1 set of razor leaves, then stopped growing and died for no apparent reason.

    Could just be a coincidence but it could be a pattern.
  7. Ok so im not sure if its algea or some kind of bacteria or what, but i went this morning to give the plants their daily tendering and the tangerine dream, which looks better than it did, has this gunk in there, hopefully not too bad? I use hygrozyme which i thought was to protect against this kinda stuff....

    Only thing I can really guess on is i feed the TD through the top because it doesnt seem like it gets any water from bellow because of the no roots. I also only feed it through a very very small portion of the hydroton so I dont even think it reaches the water.... so help me out plz. It seems like the world is against the TD =\

    Oh, and i raised the light a little and the leaves look a little better so im guessing it was just too close... even though its not hot at all in there...

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  8. Wish i could help bud but I've only ever used Coco to grow in and I'm a clueless noob when it comes to the buckets and such. If I'm you, I'd scout around the hydro forum, find a guy doing what you are doing and send him a PM and ask for help.

    I'd probably even ask a few folks, we are all in this together so I'm sure you'll get some help quick.

    Good luck man, knocking wood for you.
  9. So yeaa went to check out ma plants today and my tangerine was all shriveled up.... dont think its gana make it =\. No clue really why it happened... i took it out of the hydroton and noticed it never sprouted any kind of roots even into the rockwool, i also figured maybe the nutes were too strong for it even though they didnt really even get to the plant. so i took out the rockwool and flushed it with water and am trying to save it... oh well i guess, more watts for my other babies if it doesnt live.
  10. sorry about the TD loss...shit could have been a weak genetic or maybe it just didnt want the feed. I normally go until about the 3rd week.... and i am going back and fourth with this....i have vegged plants for 3 wks without a feed and then introduce them to about an 8th of the recommended dose for the first feeding...gradually increasing to the 4th and then 1tsp per gallon if they can handle it....since it seems to pan out for me, i guess ill continue to roll with it...i may try to intro them at 2 weeks but dont want to waste 2 weeks fighting to get them healthy if i do run into a prob...
  11. in my opinion you should have started the seeds in rapid rooters in a cell-tray made for seeds and used a dome with floro lighting. I think that twisting and stuff is from the HID lighting...too intense for seedlings. You also shouldn't have to feed them anything for the first week or two. Maybe some super thrive if you wanted but they don't need "food" ...they make it through photosynthesis and shouldn't run out of N-P-K etc. after 7 days of sprouting.

    after they develop more roots and you see them popping out the sides of the rapid rooter then you could move them into the buckets. make sure the buckets have plenty of air pumping into them so it's churning the water...more D.O. in a DWC system the better, plus it'll help splash the water onto the hydroton to help wick water for the young plants. I would also fill the hydroton to the top with the rapid rooter buried just underneath.

    what are the temps in your buckets, the water? and the humidity and temp of the room?

    good luck
  12. so the TD is looking a bit better since i took it out of the hydroton and into a enclosed humitity chamber ( ziplock), but not great by any means... getting a little bit of new growth on the other two, supprisingly the ak-48 is already bigger than the blueberry....
  13. Ok so i will be posting this here and in the sick plant section,

    Im not sure at all what happend. I did my water change yesterday and the plant was looking healthy and the roots were looking nice and white. Today after the change the plants leaves are crispy and shirveled along with the roots looking like shit. Someone tell me wtf happend?

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  14. Not gonna lie, kinda looks like a burn.
    What kind of nutes are you giving it right now?
  15. fox farm. Shouldnt be burned. Its the same amount i used last time and am running around 600 ppm. I figured maybe its something i did while changing the plant over. What is the proper procedure when doing a water change? what am i supposed to do with the plant because whenever i put the plant back into the bb after the water change the roots were all dried up and stuff, but i heard that it was good for the roots?
  16. Well how old is the plant? If it is still a seedling, that shit will burn it up real fast. You really only want nitrogen, and not even that much. Yours is clearly not a seedling, but it is pretty young and looks like it should be able to handle it.
  17. The plant is a little over a month old now. soo yea idk, if it were to be nute burned, it would affects the roots like it has? what should i expect now? If those leaves fall off, or mostly will it hurt my plant further or my yield?

  18. Just to be sure it's not infection, trim the ends of the leaves.
  19. Well actually, what is the source of water for your plant? It would be affected if you live in a rural area and use that water.
  20. [​IMG]

    looking back at these two pictures at full resolution I see a lot of funky brown algae stuff. It's all around the edge where the water line is. Also the hole that has the lines coming through is super gunky. I'm guessing that's where the light leak is? do you have two cords/hoses coming through that single hole? seal it with a grommet or something similar. It MUST be BLACKED OUT.

    Those roots are covered with the same looking stuff. Try sealing off all the light or try an algaecide if you really need. Make sure you clean out those buckets completely with 91% Isopropyl and/or hydrogen peroxide. Clean everything. Replace air hose lines and soak your air stones in h2o2. Don't get lazy.

    Good luck!

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