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Discussion in 'General' started by popsson, May 8, 2006.

  1. [​IMG] can this kill/injure small animals?
  2. That's like the gun my little brother has....he hunts squirrels and birds in my neighborhood on a regular basis. It's works pretty damn good....he's shot that thing so much and is such a good shot you'd think it had a scope on it.
  3. lol what does he do with the birds?
  4. i saw it at walmart for 15 bucks.... i shoulda copped it right there.
  5. I had a Crosman something or other that used to take out birds pretty well, then I just stopped shooting it and never bothered again. Still have it somewhere though.
  6. fuck hunting, shoot stop lights and car windows. except dont cuz youll go to jail.
  7. Throws em away

    and me and my buddy walked around my neighborhood and took out like 3 street lights
  8. Where I used to live I shot at birds and animals so much with my airsoft gun that after 2 months birds didnt land on the wires behind my house.
    I let them be now...
  9. Yea...they don't land near my house anymore either.
  10. they sent out a signal or something

  11. :confused:

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