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Discussion in 'General' started by purproller420, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. ok so is anybody on GC in the bay. well i know there is but i wanan see how much and what exact city.

    for me its vallejo and vacaville

    yeah im bored
  2. I'm in the Richmond area.
  3. oakland wootwoot
  4. San Jose
  5. San Mateo. MEh.

  6. ohhh shitt from the valley jo.... RIP ANDRE HICKS...

    im in santa cruz

  7. i was totally in san mateo yesterday... smoked a blunt drivin over the bridge :hello:
  8. Sebastopol. If you don't know where that is (likely) I'm about 10min from santa rosa.

  9. LOL, lucky.

  10. haha yeah thizz in peace mac dre..
    but really though i used to live really close to him. like a couple miles. walking distance. i told people in forum that i lived close to him but nobody believed me.. but whatever i dont really care if people do because i know i did. atleast until he moved to sac
  11. thats sick... the one time and reason i have ever been to vallejo is to smoke a 6g backwood of the purple on his bday (3days before mine)... damn u livin near the crest?

  12. yeah i live hella near the crest. Do you know the rapper "the mac" that died in 91 i think because thats one of my friends dad. i dont think he met his dad b4 he died though.

    oh and im guessing you smoked the backwood in vallejo after he died right??
  13. of course it was just last month..:smoke:

    where is the sick graffiti mural at?
  14. aww man last month. too bad we didnt get to talk before that. we couldve smoked more weed after that backwood lol. where in vallejo were u at??

    are u talking about that black and white mural on some tank or sumthing?

  15. yea dude we definately coulda chilled.... no not black and white... its huge and colorful heaven/hell theme.. i think its in frisco?
  16. im from santa clara, near san jose.
    but im living in a wack ass city called elk grove....its hellllaaaaaa fuckin gay...near sacramento
  17. what mural are you talking about ? a mac dre one?

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