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  1. Never woulda thought I would be making a bawww post here.

    The girl I have been dating for two years said she wants to be alone.

    I have done everything wit hthis girl, every day, every free minute Ive ever had has been with her, every fucking second. This girl showed me what love is.

    And she is done with me.

    I fucking loved her so much, so fucking much. This is by far the worst pain I have ever felt.

    Smoke one for me, Im goign to fuckign need it.
  2. Dude, I promose you'll be alright.

    It'll take some time but you'll bounce back. Surround yourself with good vibes and good herb. We've all been there, especially me. I know what it's like to lose a love you've invested so much time and energy in.
  3. Text message = #1 Way to spit game to multiple girls. GIT ON IT!
  4. ayo if i had some weed i would dedicate it to you. but i dont so looks like were both fucked son.
  5. Break complete contact with her. If you want to be with her let her get to know what life without you is like. She might decide she was wrong and come back, she might not. 2 years is a long time to spend almost all your time with someone. She may think she's been missing out on something by doing that.

    If you guys do get back together make sure she has plenty of space. Take things slow and make sure she values the time you guys spend together.
  6. Dude im so sorry, My ex just broke up with a month ago. It was absolutley terrible and im still nor completley over her yet. I made the mistake of begging for her back but trust me it just pushes them even farther away. (Imagine if the girl you broke up with you was naggging and begging u to come back to her. It would get reallly annoying). Anyways if u do want her back, you have to make her miss you. You have to not be there for her. Dont call/text her and dont answer her calls/texts. She will realize that she made the wrong choice by ending it. And if she doesnt then clealry it wasnt meant to be.
  7. you never know what you had, till its gone
  8. Yeah I'll smoke for you man. Got a fiery bowl packed right now.

    My advice is, listen to lots of music, smoke it up, and find some hotties. It will pass in time.
  9. i was recently in your position when i left for school. I got a bowl sparked for you man feel better, life goes on
  10. ay dude for real...fuck bitches.
  11. ^^^ Thats what is up!

    Brother man "Therealbman" hit this right on the head.... I cant really elab much more on it.... This is exactly what will happen. You need to give her the space she requests, But you need to make sure your not sulkin around. Make sure to get off your ass and right back out there. Make sure she knows your going out and doing things ... business as usual. And she will be all like " Whoaaa my man is doing what now? with who" and she will come right back ... this is the perfect position cuz now you can play your cards a lil more appropriate. Let her kno that your a busy dude and gots tons on the go and she is defiantly missing out not being apart of that..

    We have all been thru this scenario brotha man ... Im definatly sending positive vibes your way!! Keep yuh head up!!

    "When a window is closed, A door is opened" :D
  12. You'll be fine man :D
  13. Meh, best way to get over the girlfriend real quick...Hit up the bar, and seriously, try and fuck 10 chicks as fast as you can, my record when i broke up with my girlfriend (We dated for 6 months) was 3 in one day...Trust me man, it helps alot.

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