Battlefield bad company help.

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  1. Alright so I'm playing this on my ps3. I can connect to my pan account but whenever I try to connect to play online on battlefield it always says failed to connect to EA online. This is bullshit it has never done this to me. My signal strength is 65%. Any suggestions?:cool:

  2. yeah. i have the same problem. my conection is 100% but still it shows failed to connect.

  3. So it's probably not my router right? Since you have 100% and still doesn't work then the signal strength can't be the problem. Oh and welcome to GC.:cool:
  4. You're NAT is at Strict probably. Try to portfoward. Search around online a bit
  5. EA's online is down?
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    I ran into this error message while playing on 360. First make sure you have all necessary updates for the game. What eventually solved the issue for me was this (keep in mind this was a workaround for the Xbox, this is unconfirmed for PS3) : I logged out of xbl, changed the clock in console settings to 11/15/2005. I loaded up the game, signed in to xbl and boom, no more error message. Again this was an Xbox workaround. No telling if it works on PS3

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