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Battle Cry? NYC Delivery pickup

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Truest Truth, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. I have been using a service for a couple of weeks now and the buds all really dank. I've got purple kush, strawberry cough, and trainwreck. So today I call em up and they say they have some new stuff called Battle Cry. Really dank. So I bought a 300 (half ounce) of Battle cry. The buds are so nice, good aroma and a strong cough haha. I have been searching online for a little bit but im :smoking:... Has anyone ever heard of battle cry? I dont have a good camera. Only my macbook built in haha but I will post a few... Battle Cry? its really nice haha but i cant find anything...

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  2. sounds like a made up name fuck names

    ps dank as fuck hell yea toke up
  3. 300 a half? I'd try to find a different service for that price.
  4. Ive used a bunch... Its super dank. The kind of stuff that still smells nice after its been cashed. For really top grade THC in NYC its about 50 for 1.8 (half an eighth).
  5. sent you a private message
  6. Yeah im not giving away the recommendation to someone who can;t reciprocate...
  7. fuckkk, can i like add you on facebook or something so you know im legit lol?
  8. wait, so usually its 50 an eighth, but this is a 300 dollar half....:confused:

    shit is really expensive man
  9. He said 50 a 1.8 (teenth)
  10. 300 a half weow.
  11. Fucking OUTRAGEOUS!
    But that's the way the cookie crumbles.
  12. That's kind of insane man, but as long as you're happy then smoke on.
  13. haha glad you can find a delivery service for dank. very convenient. but dude... 300 a HALF? i mean even 240 would be ok.. but for 300 that weed better whipe your ass and suck your dick and cook dinner afterwards :confused: haha but really man nice pick up, enjoy :wave:
  14. I know people who use high-quality delivery services in NYC, and their prices are regular dispensary prices, like 60 an 8th and maybe 200 a half.
  15. 300 a half. damn.
    thats nyc tho, things are different.
    thank god i live in wisconsin. my zips run less than :)

    toke on bro!
  16. woah all those prices are are fucked out here in bellevue i can get dank for 10 bucks a gram even and an OZ for about 250
  17. yeahh fuck that mess. YOu can get good weed for cheaper I hear.. but I guess if you're willing to pay that.. someones makin money off your ass.
  18. no disrespect bro but you got ripped off paying 300 for a half in nyc.
  19. Im glad I don't live in NYC dank prices are rape there.
  20. haha true they are rape. But NYC is the most expensive place in america to live... so it should be expected. The dank i've been burning lately is all medical grown, california, colorado, and some east coast indoor. The prices blow my mind... some strains are 50 an for an 8th, and LAST NIGHT they had "durban spice" a new hybrid thats very rare and super sought after? I havent heard of it, but it was 200 dollars an eighth. I SHiT YOU NOT. thats nyc for you

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