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Baton Rouge Pickup

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Berry, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. I finally got a dependable connection in BR and this is my first pickup from him. I paid $70 for it, there are a couple of little nugs missing from the pic from a taste test with a friend. The quality was pretty good, a nice mix of body and head high with the head high more dominant after about an hour. So what do you guys think of the bud, worth $70? Oh and the pipe is a panda one from chunky glass pipes.

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  2. i think dose are mad good budz bro, how they smoke nice n smooth or whatt.

    im zooted rite now but good shit, how much did u get for $70
  3. Yeah it smokes really smooth, it was cured perfectly, not to dry. I doesn't really smell at all though, lol. I can't tell if its because of my cold or just a low scent strain. It was a little over an 1/8th the nugs in the pic and a couple more small ones, then about a gram of broken up buds. The price is a little higher than I'm used to paying, but I'm not in Texas anymore and in Baton Rouge its been hard finding decent bud.
  4. o dang thats same prices round in CT. mine was dry tonite but 2g of it and im zooooooted
  5. I used to be able to get an oz of some bud of similar quality back home for about 90 so an 1/8 for 70 seems outrageous to me, but thats the average price around here or so I'm told.
  6. damn dude, wish i could find some bud like that around baton rouge right now. prices have gone up and the weeds gotten worse imo
  7. Agreed. Very lucky!!!
  8. The bud looks great. I really like your pipe :)

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