Batman - The Dark Knight

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  1. Went today, to the IMAX theater, I must say, best action flick I saw this year...what am I saying? The best action movies of the last 3 years. Great great role for Heath Ledger , the best Joker role so far, by a mile. Very, very dark plotine, a great story and massive action, I recommend anyone that has the opportunity to see it at an IMAX theater, this movie was made for IMAX.

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    I loved the movie, my alltime favorite now.

    On a lighter note, they have IMAX theaters in Amsterdam.

  3. I just noticed after watching the movie the 4th time, thanks Mait, that the Joker actually tricked batman into geting dent instead of the girl, he told him the opposite address and forced him to save the wrong person and put her blood on his hands. This movie is a cinematic masterpiece and I am off to the local Imax theater to go watch it another time, in true High Definition, god I love this movie.
  4. theres so much in the movie. im excited to see it again, next time ill see it in its true movie glory rather than the internet bootleg. such a good movie.
  5. yes it was a great movie and im buying it when it comes out.
  6. when I see it at the Imax it will be the 5th time seeing it, and 3rd time in real life. It's such a master piece of cinema, I want them to stop the next movie, it will only show us failure compared to this masterpiece.
  7. Great movie.

    I watched half of it again after I opened this thread yesterday.
  8. huuuuge dissapointment.

    but then again so was american gangster and pineapple express.

    i wish i could filter out the hype before my non-driving ass actually gets to the theatres.
  9. The big turning point in the movie for me was when was the whole joker being locked up leading to the interrogation scene, when the joker gives the false directions. This is evident when you can here him say he was going to say that he was going to save rachael, but intern turned up to save dent. The Joker was able to play the most cruel joke of all by turning dent into a killer and putting the death of racheal into batmans hands.

    This movie was the pinnacle of cinema.
  10. I just made a connection between the joker and batman, think like this both of them are dogs. Batman is the dog that is put on a leash and hopelessly obeys and the Joker the the maddog that bites the hand that feeds it. So simple in concept but so deep in meaning.
  11. :eek: No way you hated all 3 of those movies
  12. That pencil trick blew my mind, anyone have a good .gif of that?
  13. awesome movie! intense. and i didn't even see it on IMAX! i am definately going to though....
  14. seen it twice and gong to see it again hope fully in IMAX.

    killer movie. great cinematography in this one!

  15. boooooooooooooooooooooo!!! but to each his own right?
  16. Definatly one of my favorite movies ever, I loved this movie.
  17. I watched this movie 4 times when it was in theater.
    I first saw it with my ex.
    Then i went with some friends to see it.
    Then twice while i was high.

    Definatly my favorite movie as of right now.
  18. Comes out today! Who's copping?
  19. got that hoe on blu-ray today. We gotta 58 inch 1080 plasma with bose 7.1 surround sound.

    im bout to be die watchin it baked off my ass :hello:
  20. I torrented the DVD rip over a month ago. Watched it again with my friends last night. It was a masterpiece. Seeing my brother ledger in such a great role, brings me to tears. Its ghostly. :(

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