Batman is not a superhero

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Switch, Jul 12, 2002.

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  1. He doesn\'t actually have any super powers does he. Just a load of gadgets. Look at all the others:

    Spiderman- Can cling to walls, shoot webs (depending on whether or not it\'s the film spider man- in the comics he had web shooters) and is super strong with spider sense.

    Superman- super strong, can fly, lazer eyes, xray vision, etc etc

    Human torch- Flame on and shit

    Wolverine from the x-men- blades come out of his hands natrually (and no, not grasscity blades)

    Shit i could go on for hours. But Batman. WHat powers does he have. Fucking none- he\'s a big pussy and spiderman could kick his ass with half of his normal powers.
  2. I\'ve always wondered why BATMAN didn\'t do it for me and I guess that\'s it. I never really thought about it but he really isn\'t a superhero, in the real sense of the word. Robin always annoyed me, too. Yeah, I\'m anti-BATMAN for the next hour or so.
  3. I\'m anti-BATMAN for the next hour or so.

    you shouldn\'t let it get you so down honey!!
  4. no way.. batman fucking rocks.. the oldschool batman of course:






    hmm.. methinks im very high at the moment. :D :D
  5. Well Fuck!!! Batman was my favorite because of those very attributes. Of all the other superheroes, Batman is the only one who could be real. You will never find a superman in real life but all it would take is for one rich kid to get fucked up and then Boom!, CNN is reporting that there is a real live person driving around NYC in a cape and mask fighting crime.
  6. Well, quite recently, BATMAN did do it for me, so I am no longer anti-BATMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I kind of dig the fact that his power comes from his own strength and mind, so today he\'s one of my favorites.
  7. Yeah- but he\'s not a SUPER hero. He is a vigalantie and he does kick arse in many ways. But he\'s not SUPER is he? Hmmm hmmm?
  8. Well batman has one of the coolest logos ever, but you\'r right he has no super powers. He\'s the A-team in disguise :)


  9. Its the fact that Batman has all of those gadgets and shit that make him a superhero. Remember in The Dark Knight returns when he fought Superman? He had his damn suit he wore and was hangin with Superman for few rounds. I mean, he still got his ass kicked in the end but still. Hes got brains and thats why he is a superhero.

  10. yesssssssssssssssssss you took the words right outta my mouth! I love the old school batman.
    and robin can kiss my ass.
  11. well doesnt Batman have the ability to jump very high?
    quit dissin\' on him! he was the SHIT and always will be. old skool episodes FOREVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrrr
    (on TVland anyway)

  13. Mayor Bloomberg?


  14. hey phill....i love DK

    just saw your sig......

    as if you werent already ...the rest of you are all our termites now.....

  15. im sure he\'d love too :p
  16. batman isn\'t a super hero. he\'s just some freak with an animal fetish wacked out on pcp. lol
  17. \"Wolverine from the x-men- blades come out of his hands natrually \"

    those blades were put in there thank you very much, his \"power\" was to heal himself and he just leaned how to make the blades come out :p
  18. Batman was the man.. i mean.. He had a cool outfit, car, gadgets, and the world famous utility belt! No matter what situation he would get into, he always would have something on his belt that could get him out of it. And he doesnt have any weaknesses like super man with kryponite, or spider man with a can of raid. He would kick their asses...

  19. the things with batman is that :

    1°) he has NO NATURAL SUPER POWER whatsoever
    2°) he\'s the first \"hero\" that would KILL his opponent.

    the succes of batman historicaly was because some readers could relat to him (no super power) and could KILL hte bad guys..

    I luv the first movie, that\'s all.

    (oh and batman was good in the trilogy the death of superman, a world without superman, te return of superman _ yeah I know sounds silly, like a line from a tarentino movie, but these comics were actually quite good)

    wow if that\'s not pulp culture I don\'t know what is !!

  20. EXACTLY what i wanted to say

    I have tons of batman comics from back in the day stored somwhere. Maybe I\'ll go pick \'em up again.
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