Bathtub Hydro Grow

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  1. Hello all, long time reader, first time poster :D

    I am using different methods with identical nutrients and want to share as well as question...

    1). Aerogarden worked for one plant, but has become my starter unit...
    2). Bubbleponics Home Made unit w/ 4" net pots, wool cubes, lava rock, manifold, hosing, air-stones..
    3). 10 gal fish tank with Styrofoam floater, net pots, lava rock, wool cube and air-stone...

    1) Aerogarden Deluxe $200
    2) Do it Yourself Bubbleponics with all accessories- $25
    3) 10 fish tank with all accessories - $17

    1). Aerogarden is tremendous to start the plants and get them to 5" tall in no time
    2). Bubbleponics is perfect for accepting the 5" plant from the Aerogarden and the plant bushes out
    3). The fish tank is perfect for accepting the 5" plant from the Aerogarden and the plant bushes out

    The healthiest plants that I have are in the fish tank. The cheapest and easiest of all grows.

    The Fish tank is filled with water and nutrients just like any other Hydro System. A small aquarium air pump and air stone, a piece of flat foam with 3" holes cut into it, 3.75" net Pots, lava rocks and 1.5" rock wool cubes.

    I have seen a program on TV (How it's Made) and they showed lettuce farms that do exactly what I am doing with the fish tank but of course on a much larger scale....

    Well, my question is....Has anyone ever used this technique in a bathtub???

    My room is my extra tub and I have everything in the tub, just in containers.....WHY NOT USE THE ACTUAL TUB....?

    So if I took everything that I had and just added additional floating styrofoam holders....the tub should work and yield awesome results.

    Should be able to float at minimum 20 plants at once......AND:

    1). You have all the fresh water that you will ever need
    2). You have a built in drain (block so that roots cannot go down)
    3). You have a shower curtain or two in which to hang lights and tie plants
    4). You have an exhaust fan
    5). You can wrap the shower with mylar all the way around and above lights

    Is there anything that I am missing? Is the tub mfg from material that will not harm the plants?

    Thoughts? Ideas? Add-ons? Skeptics? Cautions?

    Thanks much for your time and efforts......:wave:
  2. The only objection I would hae is using the tub spout as your water source considering ph of course I have not done a grow yet I've just been doing research for quite sometime I'm planning one out soon. Anyways I would really like to see this happen post a journal
  3. liek the poster before me said ph IS going to be a problem. The correct ph is one of the most important parts for your plants. If your water is no in the corretc range your plants will no survive. Typicly what i do is pu my ph to about 5.2 let it rise to abou 6.2 and then bring it back to 5.2 this way your plants are getting all the essential elements that they need to florish. I like the idea you got and once you figure out this minor set back you should have somthing really nice on your hands. good luck

    Happy Growing
  4. I understand what everyone says about the Ph levels.....but....I have never done anything with the ph and my girls are doing great.

    I have never even tested the ph in the water.....maybe I am lucky and have what is needed.

    My major problem is plant foods.....I always burn the plants even when I follow the directions. I find myself flushing more than I should.

    Got everything drawn out and will document as I go....just encase it ends up working...

    Also, if the ph does become a problem can I use a ph up or down?
  5. Hmm. Bathtub, I find this interesting. I am a dirt grower, but I have a tub that I never use...

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