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bathroom smoking?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by blazehaze221, Jan 16, 2010.

  1. how many people use this method? is it stealthy in your opinion?
  2. Towel under door, window open, roof vent on if you have one, shower on very hot.

    Blow smoke out window and youre golden. If you dont have a window but have a roof vent (i honestly dont know what those things are actually called) just blow it into that.
  3. I've done that a few times, and even using all the tricks to let the smoke out (like the vent and turning the shower on), the room still smelled like ganja for the next 2 weeks. Your best bet is to just find a spot outside
  4. ^yes if you dont have a window the smell can linger longer than usual, didnt even think about that until someone else posted. Youll be able to smell it if you stand in the bathroom after you smoke.

    You can solve that by burning a candle.
  5. yea, lysol and a candle will help a lot
  6. Smoke under the hood vent for your stove, (with it on), All the smoke goes out the vent, and no smoke stays in your apt. Good to go. :)
  7. ^^ Yes that works surprisingly well, Ive smoked many cigs at the stove vent.

  8. I haven't had trouble with smoking in my bathroom - knock on wood. My method is this; towel under the door, vent/fan turned on, and I prefer to keep the window closed during the winter only because it's absolutely freezing. I try to spark hits I know I can clear easily so there isn't a lot of excess smoke [I use a sploof when I'm inside].
    Another thing; DO NOT smoke a joint/blunt indoors. The excessive smoke is a dead giveaway, there is noooo way you can cover that up, I don't care how many candles you light or how much Febreze you use.
    I open my window when I'm done to let the room air out a bit [with the fan still on], then I'll use some air freshener if necessary.

    Try to manage your time wisely. I have my own bathroom so it's not a problem if I'm in there for 25 minutes, but if someone else uses your bathroom, try to be quick about it.
    Good luck!
  9. Ditto... I don't even have a vent or fan and I get away with it all the time lol, an open window is usually good enough.

    If I'm stealth smoking in the bathroom I usually time it around a shower (either right before or right after) so no one questions why I'm in there for so long.

    If you're very open with your family, you can blame everything on poop:
    "Why does it smell like Febreze in here?"
    "I pooped."

    "Why is the window open?"
    "I pooped."

    "Why were you in there for 20 minutes?"
    "I was pooping."
  10. baby powder will definitely absorb and mask the smell of ganj, plus its a normal smell for the bathroom.
  11. Smoke through a carbon sploof or a toilet paper roll with laundry sheets covering one end and blow through them.
  12. The exhaust fan should handle the smoke, I've never had a problem with smell smoking in the bathroom and I don't use and air fresheners either. If you're concerned you can blow the smoke out of a toilet paper roll with fabric softener sheets inside, masks it pretty well.
  13. blowdryer and opened window works for me. but i got caught doin it once from the smell
  14. I bathroom smoke alot, especially at night. i use a zoomtube(sploof), open window, light inscense, and my minibong. great way to get stoned and sleep.

  15. Simple way of smoking joints/blunts inside: just hold it under the sploof when you're not puffin. let the smoke go inside it.
  16. this method is my favorite. you wont look super baked after you have a shower too.

  17. HAHAHA, that is hilarious and genius. +rep

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