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Bathroom smoking Q's

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by pipedreamdan, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. Now I am not what you would call a noob toker but when it comes to bathroom tokage I need a little help. Anyway last year I used to smoke for a good month straight in my bathroom everynight while my parents were still awake. I'd go to take a shower lay a towel down behind the door, turn the water on hot, let the room steam up, turn on the fan then smoke a small bowl. After I was done I'd cash my bowl into the toilet and hop in te shower and get clean. I did this everynight for a month and didnt get caught. Then one night I was in a hurry so I did everything like normal but smoked while I was standing in the shower, set my bowl down, got clean then got out and cashed it. After I left the bathroom my stepdad walked by like normal then he flipped out and said it smelled like pot.
    I'm wondering why I got caught that time and not the others. So does anyone know how well smoking in the bathroom works. Yes I used the search bar and read the guides but I was looking for definite answers.
  2. I don't know how all the other times the bathroom even ventilated, maybe you were just getting lucky. But for sure you didnt give enough time for it to air out this time. Next time smoke it and blow it out the window. Take your time or risk getting caught.
  3. Hit your bowl before you hop into the shower, and stand directly under the fan and blow your hit directly up to it.
  4. i think your problem was that u didnt cash the bowl right away.....that does make a big time i was vaping and i left like a .1 in the bowl and it ad some green left but it completely reached until i cashed the bowl.
  5. Yeah getting rid of the burnt weed gets rid of a good bit of the smell. That's why some people that have to be super careful about smell sometimes just ash in the sink or toilet anyway. Get it out, not in a trashcan even lol. Smoke smell is easier to get rid of, with the fan going and all the vapors & scents from shampoo and shit.
  6. You could just get a sploof toob (Dryer Sheets + toilet roll). Your dad will say your shits smell like flowers.
  7. Your bud is probably danker now
  8. When I was younger I would smoke in the bathroom. I would just blow my smoke into the steam and it wouldn't smell at all. If you smoke a bowl, don't let the ash sit in the piece for very long, that shit smells!
  9. You probably didn't give it enough time. And you probably should cash it before you get into the shower. And blowing it straight into the fan helps a lot.

    I have a bathroom in my room and I smoke in there everynight. I just put a towel under the door and blow the smoke up into the fan. I don't even turn on the shower, I just cash it then put my stuff away and leave the fan running. The smell clears up in about 10-15 mins.. but that's probably just because I have a really strong fan
  10. Thanks for all the replies I think I have it figured out now lol

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