Batch 64 soil mix?

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  1. I found some stuff called batch 64, its a coco product with Coir, Perlite, Pumice, Rice Hulls, Expanded shale, Biochar, Oyster Shell, Metamorphosed Evaporite, Yucca extract, and mycorhizae. I was wondering if I could use this as an outdoor organic soil mix, or even indoor at that. My question is would I mix this with soil? Or would I just amend the coir with EWC and compost, then all my organic amendments like meals and so forth? This stuff is super cheap for me about 10 dollars every 3sq ft cause my buddy works for their company. Im going to go down there this week and see excatly what they have to offer, They mix all there soil in industrial turners so hopefully I can talk them into letting me throw my amendments directly in there machines and bring home bags of my own supersoil. Anyone have any pointers with coco and organics?

  2. That sounds like a pretty kickass base for soil, man. Adding ewc and/or compost is definitely the way to go, but it tends to be heavy material, so you'll probably want to add more aeration. Any aeration should work, but people on this board rave about rice hulls. Amend accordingly, and that should be some killer soil after cooking. 
  3. Yeah I did some research last night, I'm going with 50/50 peat to coco ratio because the CeC in peat moss is better than coco and it also has sulfur in it as well. To this I'm adding horse compost and EWC probably about 1/3 of the mix totally will be compost. Then I was going to add extra pertitle to help with the aeration. To this I was going to amend blood, bone, kelp meals green sand epsom salts dolomite lime cottonseed meal for slow release NPK dry molasses and mycor fungi. Plan on this being a veg mix, When I go to report I wil use this soil minus the blood meal. This is supposed to last me to mid flower to which I will be top dressing the rest of my nutrients as needed by the plant. I'm going to be doing 4 30 gal girls outside this year 2 will have the batch mix and 2 will have my original supersoil Ive been using, hopefully I can find out which one is cheaper to make and works better.
  4. I don't bother with coco anymore, too expensive in comparison to peat where I'm at and not enough positives to consider going out of the way for it imo.
  5. Yeah this is like super coco and I get it for free so I'm going to try mixing it with peat and comparing it to my soil mix, might as well thankfully I found bulk supply of a lot of things around Colorado so it's not costing me a lot. Plus I have 60 gallons of my regular no coir mixed up just sitting around. I'm going to throwing compost in it with additional ewc and cook it till summer, I'll probably throw more peat in as well because it's barely got any right now

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  6. Define "super" coco please; I can't really come up with a reason for the use of coco over peat, other than the texture is different.
    I don't make separate mixes for veg/flowering plants. A healthy soil will support healthy growth as long as it has enough nutrition cycled and sequestered. I wouldn't suggest making a light mix then topdressing, just make a decent mix then rely on it the whole way. My 20 gallon no till's last more than a single run without running low on nutrition; there shouldn't be any reason you can't supply enough from the get go.
    The cost of a bale of Sphagnum peat moss for me is roughly $10 for 4 c.f. (compressed). The cost of coco is roughly $20 for 2 c.f. (loose).
  7. This is pure mixed coco fort growers in Colorado, it's not just coco in a brick or bag this comes from a soil building company. It's filed with alteration and all kinds of goodies. It's free and doesn't hurt the earth, I'll use peat on my Mix but I get this stuff free, the cec in coco is shit. Therefore watering takes nutes from coco quicker than soil. Ask eds coco section it's where I got this recipe and he said that he top dresses mid flower because by that time he feels he's washed most nurient out.

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  8. Do you amend a soil with a "humus" component, ala finished [vermi]compost? If so that is where the majority of sequestration is taking place.
    Not to say peat or coco doesn't contribute, just that humus particles are what will provide the majority of negative surfaces for cations to adhere. 
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  10. Yes I plan on amending with compost and ewc. Then also adding meals and trace elements to the mix. I'm testing my soil/peat mix compared to my coco/peat mix this year. I have 2 clones off the same mother so I'm going to do a test to see what I like more. If the coco is better I get it for free so I would rather go down that route.

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