Bat shit?

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  1. :smoking: I heard that bat shit, or "guano" is the bes ferilizer there is. Is this true and if so how in the hell do i get it?:smoking:
  2. go snag some bats
  3. You buy it, just like everything else.

    The bat guano I have is a 10-2-1 fertlizer. I can't say it's the "best" because that makes no sense, there is no single plant food that's "the best", but it's just as good as any other organic 10-2-1 fertilizer.
  4. do they sell that at like home depot, lowes, wal-mart, ect?
  5. You probably have to order it online unless you've got a really good gardening store nearby. I'm not sure about Wal-Mart but I don't think Lowe's or Home Depot carry it. Get out your phonebook and call some local garden supply places......

  6. I get it online, but that's just because I live in the city where there's no stores to buy garden stuff at because no one has gardens. So I'm not sure if Walmart or wherever would. It wouldn't really suprise me either way.
  7. Paying for poop to be shipped to your house

  8. man just go to lowes they have alot of Organic bat gauno, fish and just go there you dont need to buy it online just go to lowes, i dont know about walmart but i know lowes has alot.
  9. thanx 4 tha info, + Rep
  10. I use bat quano in my soil mixture, and its the PURE shit from local cave, not some store bought crap and i can tell you that it works better than ANY fertilizer.

    If i knew how to get the NPK numbers on it i would.
  11. For an idea on prices and NPK numbers, just search on Ebay for Guano...You'll see it is pretty cheap stuff.
  12. Yea, Ebay kicks ass

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