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  1. couple of months ago i was breaking up some of the finest buds i have ever smoked when i discovered a seed. after closer inspection i found 5 seeds in this bag. so i have moved house and im ready to grow.

    so far i have soaked the seeds and planted them. the buckets i intend to grow them in are 35cm in diamater and 45cm deep. will these be big enough?

    i will have to grow in my lounge so during the day they will get sun light (on sunny days obviously) but for dull days and night time will i still need to invest in lights?

    im asuming the light from the single lightbulb in my lounge is not enough light. so can i get some other household bulbs and stick lamps around the plant or do i need to get some serious incandecent or flurecent lights?
    how much do good grow lights usually sell for retail?

    and im quite a distance from harvesting yet, but when do i harvest? how do you tell when the buds are ready for taking?
    also how to tell the differene between males and females quickly?

    and maybe not so beginner, but i have to different strains of seed now and i wish to breed them together haha so how does one cross breed plants in home?
  2. Dude, you need to take it slow. I don't think that you know what you're getting yourself into. There is a lot more to indoor growing than water and light. If you really want to grow weed indoors, I think you should just make a grow room. trying to grow a plant the way you are trying to is almost impossible. There are a lot of beginners guides on this site. I suggest doing some reading and a little more investigation into the weed growing process.
  3. Yes your pots are large enough.

    Yes. Wavering light cycles are not the best for growing. Plants like consistency. Also, not nearly enough light, your plants will end up stretching.

    Cheap lighting equipment.

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    For your other questions read
  4. Search and you won't be dissappointed

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