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  1. Greetings to all you smokers out there. Please give me some feedback on my grow situation> In approx. 9 sq. ft. and five feet of height I have two 42 watt daylight color (2800 lumens each), one 42 watt warm white (2800 lumens), two 26 watt cool white (1750 lumens each) and two 25 watt soft white (1650 lumens each) CFL's. I dumped premixed soil from the store into a big 40 gallon black plastic pot from a nursery and also one 5 gallon pot. The big one has seven plants and the little one has 4 plants. All are at between 40 and 33 days of growth (veg) and have nice 3/8" diameter stalks. They have not been topped but have been pruned to expose the lower stuff to air, light and mist. They're lit 24/7 and are at 7th and 8th nodes, about 10 inches tall. The lower grow tips are getting taller and thicker. I'm keeping the lights about 2-3 inches above the tops of the plants and raising them as they grow. It's around 80 degress inside the space. The leaves are wider but get narrower as the plants get higher. I'm leaning towards Indica but maybe I'm just kidding myself on that. I don't really know what to call them yet...I plan to add 5600 more lumens worth of lamps when they go into the "home stretch".
    I have a 3-speed fan that I run on medium for 30 minutes at a time about four times a day. I'm using flowering and fruiting formula with water every other day. How much longer should I keep them on 24/7 lights before sexing and flowering? How many weeks of flowering do you think they could do before they get close to the five foot height limit of their space? What kind of yield (and smell) could I expect if I finish them at five feet tall? I might have some pics to show next week. Thanks for any advice or admonishments! Grow In Peace.
  2. ok, sorry to bother ya
  3. o.k. firstly don't get annoyed when no one answers your question within 10 minutes, even though people may be here at the city not everyone for your set-up....what's the humidity like? for the seven plants in the big pot....a bit unaurthodox but hey it's done now....once flowered and sex is determined, you'll just have to cut the males at the lowest part of the stem to avoid pollination.....also the lighting is slightly under for the amount of space you have usually a good target is 2500 lumens per sq foot....i.e. 9 = 22, for the rest sounds ok....just keep an eye on the temp at the top of the plants not going above 80 for height to flower, if you've only got 5' then i'd say trigger at approx 18-20"....hard to tell some plants will doubl;e some will triple....depending on whether it's a sativa or 10" you should be able to tell....sativa leaves are long and thin and indica are short and thick....hope that helps....and good luck with the grow....Peace out....Sid

    ps did io read correct that you have 4 plants in one 5 gallon pot...if so that will deffinetely not work....not enough room...
  4. dude its up to you. You could flower now but your yeild would suffer. it depends on alot of factors if you flower. One being how big do you want the plants? if you dont mind trees let um go another foot or so your yeild will be kicked up allittle. but the problem is your using floros. Floros dont have the penetrating power to get deeper into the plant. so if you have a bush only the top of the plant will be getting light unless the plant is additional sidelighted also.

    If you want to flower go ahead! youll get some smokeable budz but dont expect over a oz on a 10 inch plant with floros. but you might get a half depending on your skills and how you pruned it and how much light the buds themselfs are getting.

    hope this helps.

    Ohh yeah you asked how long it takes once you go to 12/12 they should start showing sex in a week or three. flowering depending on strain will take 6-8 weeks for the most part some strains take as long as 14 weeks. under floros allittle longer then hps.

  5. Thanks friends. I'll follow up on that advice. I'd be happy to get a QP out of the entire grow. It's a nice and stealthy room.
    I won't need to do this more than once a year. I dunno but HPS and MH worry me as far as heat and excessive electricity consumption. The humidity is probably around 50% or less since it is winter. I think I'll go ahad and top them off and let them get to 17-18 inches before 12/12. Can smaller HPS bulbs be used in regular track (R30) lighting fixtures? Can you just buy one and screw it in and bingo? Thanks for the tips. Phyll

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