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  1. Hey guys maybe u could tell me if i am doing something wrong. I got a sativa from a budget mix,my guess hawaiianXdurban,the only sativa dom strain they had. It was stretching like crazy cause i had to dissassemble my growroom and move her.Any how i tied her down and hung bolts and screws and everything but the kitchen sink on to her various branches.... now instead of being 8ft tall, she is 4ft tall and 5ft wide. thats only half my problem tho, I am on day 86 of 12/12 now and allthough she has hundreds of them them the flowers are only as big as some from indcas that have only been flowering for 3 weeks. Is this normal for sativas to have such small whispy buds? none of the hairs are turning as of yet so im guessing another 30 or 50 days . 130 days sounds like along time even for a sativa... this is only gonna be a 1 time thing, allthough i have a clone im thinking of putting outside... a lil info on the situation. shes in a 5 gal bucket of soil/perlite mix in a 4x4 room lit with a 600w hps , give her GH nutes maybe every 10 waterings, she drinks about a gallon of water every other day. Well thats my story, and now i see why sativas arent grown indoors too much... thanks for any input...
  2. Hiya,

    Well the only thing i can think of is maybe the buds have an iron defficency, try a bit of vitamin B1 liquid in it every other time you fert. Btw what is the PH at? in soil/perlite you should be running an even 6.4 - 6.6, if its low just add the vitamin, if its high make sure you flush for a few days, then add it in, that should help you out.

    Good luck
    Budguy :)
  3. Pure Sativas are hard to grow indoors and you must consider they are a real problem to tune.
    Till you're able to tune her well, you will have trouble yelding better; it can also be considered that pure sativas tend not to be great yelders.

    With hazes that tipically like to go for 16 weeks+ and streatch from 2" to 4.5', i like to pinch clones at the second node at start and they get much more easy to manage...sometimes, you have to pinch again after 3/4 weeks.

    Flower as soon as the clones root or even better, if you can...flower the clones wile they ARE rooting... this is the key to manage extreme sativas indoors.

    :cool: wolf

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