Basic Hydroponic System.

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  1. [ame=]YouTube - Build a Homemade Hydroponics System[/ame]

    Wouldn't you need something to keep the water circulating? Or would the bubble stone take care of all that?
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    yup - the air-stone bubbles the solution and keeps it in constant motion - as well as aerated.

    My question is how do you sample the soup for pH and ppm?
    How do you swap out solution?
    I would not use gravel - there is much better stuff out there.
  3. My bubble buckets cost me about 20.00 each to build, with drain and site glass. Isplurged on the pump, it is acommercial grade and runs all 3 buckets no prob anf that was 50.00. So splitting the cost of it and the bucket s we are looking at about 35.00 apiece, maybe 40.00 with the upgraded airstones i added receintly. Much more efficient and easier to maintain
  4. ^^^^^^^ What he said

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