basic heat extraction system for enviro-lights?

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by ParadiCreature, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. i want to use those big energy saving light bulbs for a couple of full grows, and then use the same equipment for a veging and mother plant boxes in the future.

    i need to keep the temp of the enviro-lite really low becuase i want two veging chambers (one for the first two weeks, and one for the latter three weeks, all contained within one chest of drawers)

    to keep it cool i have hit on this idea of containing the bulb in glass or plasic, and then venting out of the contained area.

    basically i was thinking about mounting the bulb fitting in the lid of a large jam-jar, then screwing it shut with the bulb inside. I would then have a rubber tube with a small inset fan to vent to space around the bulb outdoors and not into the grow-room.

    does this sound like a decent idea?
    im hoping if i can use glass with a ceramic or metal fitting around the top of the jar, i might be able to use a tiny laptop heatsink and fan system to extract the heat of the bulb outdoors, and have the plants growing against and touching the cool glass around the bulb. ?

    would make maxing spaces out for light intensity much easer?

    plz let me know what u think?
    hoping to test it in the coming year.
  2. how big are the drawers/chambers?CFL's are so low heat you'd probably be fine venting the chamber just for fresh air.
  3. well yeah,

    but thats the point,
    i dont want to always be opening and closing the door

    i dont think the evo lites are a cool as people keep telling me,

    my mates got one i a box and space soon reaches 40degs.
    why do u keep lying and telling me they are cool all over these forums.

    do u sell these?
  4. Im using 6 CFLs in a grow area of around 2.5'x2.5'x3.5'. Im having a real hard time keeping my temps down. As of now, I have an 80cfm inline fan for exhaust up top, with a 4" hole at the opposite side on the bottom..I cannot for the life of me get the temp below 85*. I'd take some help on this topic as well. I'd like to get a bigger inline fan, but Im afraid it'd be too loud for my box.

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