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Discussion in 'General' started by tackthecack, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. Wassup Everyone
    I got a job! :D .....bartending in the biggest nightclub in the city i live in. Never done it before but im gonna get a couple of hours training before my first shift. Anyone have any advice?

  2. don't fuck up
  4. show cleavage.
  5. give me beer...thats the best advice i could give you
  6. Always card women, they like it and are more likely to tip. Men, don't like being carded.
    Always card unless you know for sure.
    If you don't know what's in a drink someone ask for just play it off as your new and still learning, ask them what's in and they'll help ya.

    Wait, I'm thinkin of a bar haha not a club type scene... I don't know man, good luck.
  7. Snort chlorine
  8. Be able to spot a fake ID from all states.....if u wanna keep ur job that is

  9. Don't give me shit because my birthday is ∞, damn pimpin'...It ain't easy bein' a God. :cool:
  10. Qiut.your job

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  11. Learn an amf and long island iced tea and tweaking Puerto Rican plus whatever specials they have.... Pretty much move fast and smile. People go to clubs to party so make strong drinks, don't let people play you take there card/money at the same time you set the drink in front of them don't turn your back to then until you have the money or they might walk off with a free drink. If someone orders a bottle or expensive round pre approve the card or make sure they have the cash before you pour. That's all I can think of at the moment.... Hope it helps
  12. I bartend and the only suggestion I have is to have fun.  And as someone said if you dont know whats in a drink just ask them and theyll usually tell you or ask you for something different because they dont want an "amateur" making it.  This will happen alot it did when I first started.  Best of luck to you
  13. Move faster than you're currently moving, always
  14. start learning a lot of drinks, get a book on drink recipes, make sure the bar has the ingredients
    I went to a bar here in tahoe and asked for a whiskey sour, bartender (a girl) didn't know how to make it, was truly pathetic.
    big ups on that gig though, gonna be tough as hell at first
  15. Quit your job and become a bud tender. You will have to deal with asshole alcoholics that get drunk, start fights, pass out, puke and crash the car into the bar.
  16. Strip tease on top of the bar...I'll tip you...


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