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  1. what are the little green bars for above your name for? how do they "grow"?
  2. click "user cp" and you'll see.
  3. thank you sir :wave:
  4. Those are your e-penis.
  5. hehe. ok, another retarded question, how do you give someone +rep
  6. the little scale in the top right corner of someones post :)
  7. god am i a retard. thank you.
  8. no problem dude :)
  9. i'm a chick but its all good :wave:
  10. my bad, dudette then :D
  11. good one lol ;)

  12. you're welcome
  13. You have to feed and water them twice a day.
  14. If someone likes one of your posts they click a little button that looks like this [​IMG]. They click approve or disapprove, which adds or subtracts reputation points (like said above, these can be viewed from your User CP) and your "e-penis" grows or shrinks.
  15. My epenis is HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. when I opened I thought this was going to be about xanax.. and I've never even done it. Oh, what reading Pandora's Box posts has done to my mind!

    My e-peeniz is growing too! Like most of the other people here, it compensates for my real life penis! Neat-o!

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