Barneys farm Liberty haze and tangerine dream

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by Luke Roberts, Sep 16, 2016.

  1. Hey guys, just trying to get some answers from some experienced growers who have grown out these strains and to see how it went, first of all where your plants short,stocky or slightly stretched and lanky? Secondly., roughly how long did it take for you to see any decent bud mass form? 3,4 maybe 5weeks as it does say ten week flower period? Let me know, third question is how sensitive in your experience were these strains to nutes? What nutes did you use? I use biobizz currently, any more info available on these strains would really benefit me and my operation, many thanks
  2. All I remeber about the liberty haze is that the yield was ok taste was great and I'd call it an above average mid grade buzz.

    But i liked it so much I ordered it agian
  3. How did your tangerine turn out? I've only smoked it in the past from someone who grew it and it was tasty as hell but not the most potent. Still it was enjoyable to smoke.
  4. tangerine dream is also known as tangerine nightmare by people who've attempted to grow it..
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