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  1. Hey guys! I just fed my lady nutes for the first time and the next day I saw some brown spots on the lower leaves and the tip of a bigger one.

    I am hoping is just the newer leaves getting all the food, but would like to hear thoughts from some experienced growers.

    Feel welcome to see my journal!

    Thanks GC!

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  2. Bump any comment welcome!
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    I just finished a run of barneys farm critical kush..I'm smoking a bone as I type. Tasty, potent (cuts right through the 818 Headband) looks incredible.
    Hard to diagnose your issues without more info.
    I run super soil so I never have to feed..just teas. It's a really easy plant to grow. Dial in on it and you easily get 2+lbs per 1k hps.

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  4. I think I have to much nitrogen. I am getting some brown spots again on lower leafs.

    Take a look and let me know what you guys think. I will be researching this in the afternoon after work.

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  5. I am now thinking is Magnesium deficiency. I was reading that Magnesium absorbs better in hydro on a PH above 6.0. I keep my PH at 5.8; I will raise it to see if it helps.

    Symptoms to mee look like PH, Magnesium, Calcium, or Nitrogen.

    PH is checked daily at 5.8 and leaves are not curled down or tips burned. So I guess it has to be Magnesium and/or calcium! I did add Cal Mag a week ago 3 ml per gallon.

    Some one please help before I ruin my crop lol.

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