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Discussion in 'General' started by Sharktooth777, May 12, 2010.

  1. I hate to rant here, but I'm about losing my mind here. I'm sure many of you have the same problem as me, or have had this problem at one time.

    My neighbors dogs bark CONSTANTLY. If it's not one neighbor's dog, it's the other. One across the street and one behind me, and considering where I live, our homes are very close together, this shit is completely intrusive upon my life and the lives of the other people living nearby. These dogs bark around the clock at random hours of the day, constantly, never stopping to rest. My one neighbor actually has one dog that barks, the other one is not on a chain/leash when it's outside and it barks, follows people, tries to bite people, and shits in my yard/sidewalk/driveway. The one behind my house just barks the whole fucking time. I've talked to the people who own the lot(s) which our homes are on, three times, telling them to find a way to convince these people to take their dogs in the house, but they never do a damn thing.

    I would understand if the dogs only barked when they were outside for a bit, but they're always outside. It can be storming, wind blowing, rain falling, and these dogs are outside. There can be 3 feet of snow and ice on the ground, these dogs are still outside. It can be 90 degrees out, the dogs are outside. It's verging on animal abuse at this point. Why do these people get dogs if they're not going to pay any attention to them and leave them outside all day?

    Really, this is a rant about noise. We should all be able to live, go about our daily activities within our own home, without our home/lives being penetrated by loud disruptive repetitive noises from our neighbor's irresponsibility and carelessness. I know it sounds like a stupid thing to rant about, but when you've lived in a house for three years or more and listened to dogs barking loudly all hours of the day and late into the night and loud music from neighbor's houses, you'd find you're losing your sanity as well.

    Alright, just needed to vent. Rant over. :smoking:
  2. If angry lesbians can call and make the city take my chickens away, I'm sure you can call and complain about a few dogs that bark constantly...give a city a call and see if there are any local ordinances that could help you in this don't got much to lose but time and sleep :)
  3. I'm sure you & neighbors can go complain, like scat suggest. I sure as hell would. The owners need to learn to control their pets.
  4. we have a law here, 5 minutes of barking and you can call the cops. the people get ticketed, and can eventually get fined. you've kind of limited your options by going to them. when i lived in reno, a guy had a dog problem. none were chained, and they all beat up on his dog. at the time i worked in mustang at a chemical company. i brought him some cyanide one day, and a few pounds of hamburger, and a couple days later the problem was solved!

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