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    it only goes up to 33 degrees. i would know. im actually very close with the masons. When i turn 21 i am promised a spot in the local lodge.
  2. he tried to dismantle the fed. The fed by the way is a private bank. He tried tried to bring the troops home from vietnam, and a whole bunch of shit
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  4. QFT :hello:

  5. My post didn't state I wanted to pander to the owners. It doesn't matter what we want, the corporations come first.

    We've been worrying about what we want for quite a bit now, and we still do, doesn't change that the owners want theirs first, and will likely get it.

    If we follow the constitution like it said, the government is kissing away a lot of unnecessary power. They would be loosing power. Once government gets a certain type of power, good luck prying it from their greedy hands.
  6. Your post implied that you wouldn't support Ron Paul because the owners won't go for it. Am I wrong?
  7. Ok go be a defeatist then.

  8. I apologize if my post gave off any type of message than what I intended.

    As I said, I love me some Ron Paul, and will support him to my grave. I'll stick by him regardless if he is "racist" or not.

    Unfortunately for America, too many people, thanks to our media, think he is too much of an idealist, and/or would led America to the wrong direction, and/or he is racist, thus everything he says is irrelevant.

    Ron Paul goes against our owners, as long as they are concerned, what they want they will get.

    If Americans "really" cared, Ron Paul would have gotten better less negative media coverage. He was just "that old doctor who likes the Constitution, and who is loved by people online."

    Whatever the media dubs him, flocks of Americans will believe. The only people who defended Ron Paul are the few people who don't lean on the media for all their information about anything.
  9. The only Obama talk I hear is the one about which celebrity he's hanging out with.
  10. I don't know where you were taught history but he didn't try and bring the troops home from Vietnam, quite the contrary. And i would like to here what all this "whole bunch of other shit " is.

    People romanticize Kennedy because he got assassinated and because of the mystique surrounding the Kennedy family...
  11. dont get me wrong, im not a huge expert on it, nor do i claim to be. but i was watching a documentry called invisible empire last night and they said "a whole bunch of shit" that kennedy did/why he was killed. i was really high and i forgot most of what they said so i suggest you check it out.
  12. skip to 40 sec.

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