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  1. its got everything to do with the world today. there main goal is to have ww3 and kil off 85% of the worlds population, having 1 government. they worship saten, sell their souls in exchange for wealth and power. theres tons of documentaries out there that explane the satanic new world oder. this is nothing new. it connects back to when this country first started. there always been secret societies. and its no lie that the most powerful people in the country are apart of it.

  2. Starting a war and creating the worst recession in decades might just possibly have had a small impact on those types of opinions.

    Also, bush just clearly didnt give a fuck about anything, to a degree I hadn't thought possible.
  3. At least he's cool. as in :cool: kinda' cool. We have 2 posh millionaires. He also did crack i heard. :smoke:

  4. Thats not the issue. In case you didn't notice I'm not saying the president has the power. I'm saying even if he did have power he wouldn't because HE HAS STATED he opposes marijuana legalization/

  5. Im sorry to break this to you, but "Satan" is imaginary.

    If you disagree, whatever, i'm done with this thread.
  6. i dont just stating what iv read out there.
  7. Barack Obama
  8. It was powder coke.

    So by that logic Bush is pretty cool to since he did coke and smoked pot and is super rich.

  9. don't worry, obama cares just about as much as bush did or al gore about the environment. they care about the dollar tree, that's all.
  10. Hope....hope for change.....change we can believe in........

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    Same shit, different administration.

  12. brief summarization of america

  13. say that long enough and we end up in this current situation or a completely different one.
  14. either way i'm still gonna smoke weed. fuck the law.

  15. lol agreed
  16. Dude, for every piece of evidence suggesting government involvement there's a piece of evidence to the contrary. that's stupid than the Obama's birth certificate conspiracy theory.

    Sadbut true, lemmings and sheeple.

    I up for it, i'm tired of the shit.

    What the fuck was so great about Kennedy?
  17. im just pissed that Obama stated that weed should be decriminalized, not legalized, in the first place.

    If you don't have the will or power to do something like that, dont put it out there and just fucking act like marijuana is a bad drug right when you become president.

    shit pisses me off
  18. i think he took a few points off of his handicap.. which is better than bush did in his first 2 years.
  19. ^yeah, I think I can agree with that. He certainly has done better than bush so far.
  20. August was joking, taking a few points off your handicap is a golf what he is saying is that hes done a better job than Bush in improving his golf game which is probably true hahaha.

    Honestly Bush and Obama are no different, they are equals....change my ass :rolleyes:

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