Barack Obama: The Ghost Of Columbia University

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    Interesting can anyone find a classmate of obama that remembers going to school with him? 

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    I read it thats pretty flimsy evidence. Its still very  fishy. Who was he hanging with? Why do so many people not remember him?
    I'm not saying he didn't go, I'm just pointing out how odd it is. My experience is you really get to know the people in your department in college, especially in my major political science, lots of group projects and research is involved in that major. 
  3. In the article, it says  "In his memoir and in interviews, Obama has said he got serious and buckled down in New York. "I didn't socialize that much. I was like a monk," he said in a 2005 Columbia alumni magazine interview. He told biographer David Mendell: "For about two years there, I was just painfully alone and really not focused on anything, except maybe thinking a lot."
    It's not fishy. Some people don't socialize with class mates or go to school functions. I am positive that only a handful of people in my graduating class would remember me. 
    Not to his defense since I did not vote for the guy but its easy not to be remembered. My life has been somewhat unique. I was in the Marines for about 12 years. Some guys go no where but some guys go everywhere. I was a everywhere guy. I moved on average every 2 years. Some of that was volunteer stuff some it just happened. Then throw in 2 wars which I went more often then not. That would consume 6 months to a year of my life. I'd get back no one I knew that was there was there anymore. By the time I made some friends it was time to move. 
    After the Marines I went to college finished since I did not have much more to do, but that forced me to move then I got a job in the defense contracting universe. Had to move again. For that job it sent me to the middle east for a year at a time or up to 16 months but once again everyone I knew back in the US well they were getting deployed as I was coming back, had quit, etc. 
    My current job well I actually never have done it in the United States. My house is a storage unit.
    Long story short ask people about me you will find I am mostly a ghost. I don't use Facebook. My cell number has changed about 8 times over the last 10 years. 
    Anyhow its easy to disappear. 

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