Bar Trick

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by DBV, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. Can anyone explain this process from a physics standpoint? It's as if it's a suspension, but I don't understand how the atoms travel through the barrier?

  2. He slides the card over so far it looks like it may have a small gap on the side. Suppose the liquor and water have different density? I would just drink the scotch and ponder it....
  3. I notice there is a slight blip in the video at about 31 sec and after the blip card is moved a bit, I think it is a trick...
  4. It is because of the difference in density between the two liquids. The water is on top and more dense than the alcohol. By having that small opening it allows for some water to flow down into the alcohol.
  5. Awww! I think you guys are right! I noticed the card was off center, but there probably is a gap. Tricky bastard.. that ruins all the fun! Haha

    You'd think there'd be a little "spillage" though being so close to the edge..
  6. Hope that wasn't a waste of JW..
  7. I still find it interesting that the whisky would suspend between that gap?

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