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Bank Statements

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BamaFan14, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Dear Gc, I am a seasoned Toker but I feel that this question belongs in the apprentice section. I spend about 40 bucks a week on the herb, and today my mom asked me where all my money was going. MY Money, by the way, that i worked my ass off for at MY job. i have a bank account thats still attached to hers since i just turned 18. I am going to get my own, but shes still asking questions right now and i cant just tell her to fuck off since she isnt asking for any bill money or anything. I tired telling her it was for food, gas, etc. but it just wasnt working. Im seriously fucking tired of getting in trouble over the herb, like everyone knows its harmless. I think Im gonna be taking a break until 4/20 and see how that works. /rant

    My question is, what do i tell her the $40 is for?
  2. Move out. Or deal with the rules. Your 18 yes your an adult but until your paying your own way she does have the right to know. And if they disagree even if they don't have a good reason it doesn't matter.
    And 18 is in no way seasoned I don't care when u started.
  3. You owe the $40 to a friend for a ticket for a concert coming up in the distant future. Done.
  4. if you have an xbox, or any other games use the i bought a game, xbox live card. i just have a secret stash of money ;p
  5. Quoted and bolded for being so very true.

    Tell mom it was for food, videogame, something...... anything. Shouldn't be that hard to figure out dude.
  6. tell her you dont like to pirate music, so you purchase music on the zune marketplace, you go to a gasstation, buy a 40 dollar prepaid card, or an itunes card, etc. or just pull your money out and make a new checking account... theyre free!

  7. Well. then im not seasoned, whatever. The moral of the story is im getting questioned for this dumb shit and im too much of a stoner to figure it out on my own. Like i said i think its time for a fuckin break
  8. ummmm, if its consistently 40 bucks even a week then the gas one could work out easy enough. idk, this is kinda a dumb question to ask man haha. theres a multitude of things you could say its for, so do. I smoked in my room completely nonchelantly for months and my dad never caught on. if youve gotten caught your prolly just not too sly to begin with, and if you keep getting caught then maybe try something new? They say insanity is repeatedly doing the same thing and expecting different results you know.

    Also, dont blame pot for your own mistakes and shortcomings. Its not pots fault you cant figure this out on your own. Thats on you.
  9. tell her you are putting it into a 401k for your future. That should impress her enough to cease any questioning
  10. #10 BamaFan14, Mar 17, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 17, 2012
    Well, I appreciate the input from everyone. I guess i shouldnt have put it on here in the first place.

    EDIT: Looking back on this post, I realize that if I cant make excuses for spending all my money on drugs, I probably shouldnt be spending all my money on drugs
  11. You make 40 dollars a week?^^^^
  12. Why she mad bro? Tell her you be pimpin.

  13. fuck no, I buy a quarter a week which is 40 bucks
  14. Your parents cannot look at your bank statements if you are over the age of 18.

    But just tell them you spent it on food / a game online.
  15. If you dont want your mother asking you questions about your bank statements then dont get a joint account with her, deal with cash until you get your own shit.

    As for what to tell her.....theres literally a plethora of things you could say. You bought gas, you bought food, bought a new game, owed a friend money, bought some new shoes, bought some clothes, paid off a cop, paid your bookies and loan sharks. You can say pretty much anything.

    BTW if you didnt want her to question what you're doing why leave a consistent pattern of ATM withdrawals every week? If you spend 40 a week why not take out 160 one time for the whole month?
  16. Tell them you took a girl out to dinner one night or something

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