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  1. I banged for the first time 3 days ago and i have a growing curiosity to know how many other people on grasscity, specificaly pandoras box have or are banging and to what degree. Meaning injecting themselves with any substance for recreational use.
  2. I never have. The thought of doing it makes me cringe.
  3. No, I don't plan on hitting such a point.. Not that I judge you,

  4. yea same here

    i hate needles.
  5. Yes iv done it afew times. very euphoric and makes u no longer wanna snort anything to get high. rush is bananas
  6. Nah, never injected anything. The only thing I'd inject is THC, which sounds interesting. But, having that on my list of things I've done just looks bad to other people...regardless if it was/or will be just THC.
  7. I'd probably get addicted.

    So no..
  8. congratulations :rolleyes:
  9. Dilaudid,but I haven't in awhile, always has trouble finding my veins.
  10. i hate needles. i think it's part of the reason i haven't gotten a tattoo yet either. but i am curious about banging dilaudid.
  11. i've always had a needle fetish, so it's not surprising that i ended up being an H junky. been on suboxone for about 5 years now, pretty high dosage @ 24mg a day. so i'm not really clean, but i'm not using either ;)
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    I've banged dilaudid a few times. Definatly enjoyed it more than any other experience I've had with opiates including my first time with H. I've also ha d friends injected K numerous times in my vein and thigh.
  13. shot k in my thigh. but never ived anything
  14. I've shot many times. I also have a fear of needles. It's amazing what one will do to get high.:confused:

    It was always H.
  15. I've only ever banged molly and oc80s.
    Molly once, oc80s four times.
    I have amazing veins for bangin'. But I won't be doing that any time soon, unless some more molly finds it's way into my hands.
  16. How was IV molly? That must have been an a fuckin trip.

    Also what prep method did you use for IV?
  17. Shooting up has never appealed to me. All i need is my mary jaaane ;)
  18. yeah, I'm curious too, I didn't know it was possible to bang molly

    hell, I didn't even know it would dissolve in water
  19. What's the purpose of this? To see how many people do it, and justify it in a fractional form?

    I have.

    Threads like this embarress me.
  20. never iv'd molly, but way back in the day (1999 i think) when i actually had a reliable source for GOOD rolls (so pure that they would never stay pressed for more then a few days in the baggie, they'd always crumble) i tried shooting mdma. man, that was the best rush i've ever felt (next to pure cocaine that is) and the roll that followed was amazing. all in all the comedown was pretty gentle, and it was over in a few hours tops.
    i would not dare to do that nowadays, what with all the shite that's pressed in with the pills.

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