banged this bitch at work

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by nuttonhair, Aug 14, 2011.

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  1. TOday at work this teeny bitch was training me shes like 18, medium length black hair, she was small but her legs were nice long 18 yr old legs, cute 'af, perfect tits.shes wearing tight ass black skinny jeans and a low cut shirt.
    So shesays follow me and takes me down this dingy ass basement the cieling was like 5 feet high and she fit but im like 6 feet 4 inches so i had to bend over and i was like where the fuck we goin.staircase that was straight with about 15 steps but each like 7 inches high omg. she shows me how to refill the soft drink syrup, shows me where all the condiments and such are at, the plates. We start heading up the stairs again and i let her walk in front of me and half way up the stairs she stops on the stairs while im right behind her on these steep sairs so basically when i looked up my face was in her pussy so i pressed my tounnge on her pussy and wiggled it real good for her and she let out a yelp moan. she now knew that i was dtf
    so later on that night around closing(10pm) we gather the salt and pepper and put them all on one tray to clean the tables SO i collected them and put them on the tray while she held it and we went to each table one by one. By the 18th table or so the tray was full and no more room, the last spot being on the edge of the tray which was boob level on her so i gladly put the salt in the last spot and touched her firm aewsome tits. as i was puttiIN hte salt down i groped her tit and she looked so ready to go. i did it right infront of a daily customer and her actually tipped me right there when i did it(he saw me grab her tit) he tipped me $11 which was my only tip for the night.
    After that we were filling sauces and ran out of ranch so we had to go to the freezer in the basement to grab some more ranch dressing so we go in the freezer and right then she pulls me over and pushes me against the potatoes and takes my pants off and starts sucking my dick. she gave the best head. i was rubbing her(lol) as she sucked away and eventually started railing her. she hopped on my dick and did her magic. She said i was teh biggest shes ever fucked. i didnt get her number though):

    but she was a wonderful sexy broad that i wanna fuck again. Shes just so dayum sexy and sexy

    ok the above is not true, i wish it was. but she did have to train me for 4 hours and the whole 4 hours i was thinking of how bad i wanted to fuck her. i did touch her tit tho when i` put the salt on the tray. GODDAMN WAS THAT BITCH SEXY

    LOL i'd post a pic of the girl but that'd be hella weird if she saw it or anyone she knows saw it lol
  2. only part of the story I had to read :wave:
  3. Yeah... so welcome to GC.:wave:
  4. you nutton(her)hair ? :smoking:
  5. Great first post lmao
  6. Great way to start your time here on the city..

  7. No its ok, post it.
  8. Welcome to Grasscity, what a great first post! Lol.
  9. Hm.... I think an appropriate answer for this thread is COOOL STORY BRAH LOL!!
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    cool story bro

    Trolling isnt permited..
    if you have no productive response dont post
  11. Ahhhh you better fuck her in the next week for lying to us
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    Trolling isnt permited..
    if you have no productive response dont post
  13. ahhhhh only one bus boy on a shift at a time, she was there to train me(although i wanted to rail her) no more play dates with her. i guess thats why im sad :(

    lol minimum wage is like $8.50/hr
  14. you're gonna get banned if you don't a pic up, bro
  15. at least you touched her tit. hahaha

  16. Then there are only a few options you have:

    1. Stalk the shit out of her find out where shes going to be and pull the "oh, didn't expect to see you here"

    2. Wear a mask and fuck up the restaurant so the next day your boss needs extra help cleaning everything.

    3. Good ol fashioned rape.
  17. haha you made me lol.
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    Reported those 3 "cool story bro"s.
    Op you can post the pic and leave it there for a day or two and then take it down.
  19. wow man..just wow
    umm..i'd say cool story, but s'not
  20. damn man you actually made me think that "putting my head into that pussy" when given the opportunity would actually work out on a girl i just met. not cool man
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