Bang on the first date ??

Discussion in 'General' started by Weight448, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. Do you do it?
    Will you do it?
    Or have you done it ? [​IMG]
  2. Fuuck yea
    Fuck yea

  3. Yes yes and yes. It was sooo awesome at the time, but she ended up being a biiotch.
  4. Yes, yes, and...yes.
    I don't think it's that uncommon, but it's definitely awesome.
  5. not close to the first date but 3rd day i was texting some girl back in high school lol
  6. Lol referring back to your caption this girl had to be in gradeschool still .. and lets say it wasnt a date :D ..
  7. Fuck no, fuck no, and fuck no.
  8. No.
    Not anymore,

    and yes.

  9. *Fixed*
  10. Yes yes and yes. I do that shit all the time. Guys too.
  11. Yes, yes, and...yes.
  12. yes i have and would but
    girls that do arent the biggest winners always

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