Bands I should hear.

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by Ganjaman7847, Aug 17, 2003.

  1. I want to know some bands that you think I should hear. Small bands big bands. Albums That I should hear that I might not have heard of. sound tracks I should get. List it like this.

    band Name of album song(s)

    I like old rap, new rap but stuff that has like power like DMX music. Rock-heavey metal, doom metal, acid rock, soft rock, alternative, classic rock ( ie bands like from the late 60's through the 70's is considered classic rock for anybody that would have questions about that) basicaly all kinds Of rock n roll and all kinds Of rap.
  2. If you like to fade out with some dub, I suggest you check out anything by Salmonella Dub.


    would be a good start.
  3. Turbonegro - Pocalypse dudes

    BDP - Sex and violence

    Anti-pop Consortium - Tragic epilogue
  4. I'll check these guys out right away.
  5. umm.... count the stars, they were a pretty good band, i got to meet them, really cool guys!, i dont feel like thinking, i say go for the radio
  6. Sigur Ros
    Dillinger Escape Plan
    Eydea and Abilities
    Deltron 3030 (you probably already know this)
    Miles Davis
    Frank Zappa
    The Locust
    Darkest Hour
    Souls of Mischief
    Beck Bogert Appice (Jeff Beck supergroup with Vanilla Fudge members)

    There's a range of stuff there...from underground hip hop to metalcore to noise.
  7. Dj Krush - Zen

    Alec Empire - Inteligence and sacrifice

    The Distillers - Sing sing death house (if you want some good punk)

    Isis - Oceanic

  8. Isis is awesome...have you heard Old Man Gloom? Converge Isis Coalesce collaboration i think...really good
  9. This is going to keep me busy. Keep the music coming.
  10. slipknot
    system of of down
    insane clown posse

  11. There good. I know some you'd like
    cypress hill
  12. no tool please god no tool.
    theres only threes bands i HATE
    tool, linken park, staind(stainds form springfield my home town they were a buntch of assclowns in highschool!)
  13. I know I hate linkin park and staind. Fuckin winy ass vocals. You would probly like cypress hill, pantera, burzum's vocals are another language but his experemental albums are pretty good. Wait did burzum make experemental albums? ohh well check em out.

  14. Read alot about it but haven't heard any.... sounds good.
  15. I lisened to RJD2 the locust and darkest hour miles davis and souls of mischielf and frank zappa I've heard of but just lisened to them and I've got to go get one of there albums.
    Ubik I lisened to dj krush and alec empire. dj krush was great and alec empire would be some great party music for my holiday. 4/20. April 20 is the day every year I host this blunt party at my freinds basment. no noise filation since it's in the woods. far from anybody. it's great those were the bands I could find on the internet. more bands.
  16. What about Salmonella Dub?
  17. some shit i like


    the o


    kottonmouth kings

    i forget the group but the cd is DUB SIDE OF THE MOON it just blew me away

    frank zappa


    big dumb face


    any of john lennen's solo stuff

    my life with the thrill kill cult

    skinny puppy

    pulse ultra

    Wu tang

    and lots more im not thinking about cause im roasted out of my mind sorry for da bad spelling..
  18. some good bands......

    The music........jag tune and the people, and the getaway

    the darkness..........fucking love them, spinal tap

    black rebel motorcycle club...........spread your love

    Local H.........back in the day


    catherine my dust you insensitive fuck

    Muse.........plug in baby

    deep purple..........child in time....(got a good live version of it.....12 min long)


    well it may not be all your taste, but if you like zep, then you'll love the music and audioweb............Peace out.........Sid
  19. Check out my band INCODE...
    our website is

    we get compared to aphex twin, prodigy, rammstein, whitezombie, orgy, ministry, static-x

    e-mail me at if you want to hear some clips, or just go to the media section of the website and download them from there.

  20. sorry havn't been on much. Mighty Joe Bong I can't find any clips or little music peices on salmonella dub. Sidius I've heard a lot of those you listed there great. I like the the darkness. Amentia I check your band out a little later. got to lisen to some of these other bands.

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