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Banana Kush

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by PaperZonly, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. Ive really enjoyed this strain. Sorry for
    The iPhone pics 9/10 for this strain

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  2. i just had some banana kush. a lil blurry picture but mine looked similar and tasted great ! how is yours?
  3. Tiny nug haha, but very dank my man.

    enjoy that shit :bongin:
  4. I went to buy weed last week and when I got there my man had 5 different strains. he had lavender X widow, blue haze "blaze", Purple Trainwreck, Banana Kush, and Skywalker. I just finished the Skywalker tonight, and the Banana Kush is my favorite of all 5. It just tastes awesome and is a pretty heavy nightime smoke. The smoke itself is extremely dense and it taste green all the way to the end of a joint. It's one of favorite strains now along with Blue Dream, or some good BBK
  5. I just had some banana kush and some trainwreck booth were great but I liked the banana kush more. Still have a tiny bit left of both.
  6. Yea man. It really is a sweet kush and definitely worth saving if you can. so I'm smoking on the purple trainwreck and the rest of the Blue Haze. I finished up the skywalker, and lavender x widow last night.

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