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  1. He's the petition of the thread to ban Kush clock.

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  2. it's always time to smoke.
  3. I must know why you want him banned before I go along with this..
  4. I haven't even heard of dude man
  5. Me neither.

    I say instead of banning why not just use the ignore feature......
  6. Let me guess, dick pics

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  7. There was really no point in you making a whole thread about a guy you want banned.

    There is an ignore feature, there are also mods you can pm.

    Omega369 :wave:
  8. Damn what happened?
  9. Ignore feature is thataaa way >>>
  10. Yeah what happened.. dude is a creeper though... he's in the 'im horny' thread getting creepy a'f

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  11. Interesting.
    Unusual name, perhaps there is cause, but as noted by Omega, it's best to report. :smoke:
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  12. idk i thought some of his posts were funny....

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  13. [​IMG]
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    but why

    and yeah ignore feature is a good thing to use
  15. You would think a person with over 8000 posts would know of a more proper way to handle this. 
  16. Yo... wtf did he do????

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  17. Ignore feature, what he said something mean to you and now hes gotta go? Grow a pair, your vagina is powerless here!!!
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    ignore is there for a reason.........
    there's alot of people's opinions i don't agree with here however im not one to want to have them banned without damn good reason

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