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  1. hey all.. i have alot of bamboo growing in my backyard. so i took some leaves, dryed them out, rolled it up and smoked it. smells alot like tabacco. but i'm just seeing if anyone else have tried this. smoked several of them, and you dont really get high or anything..
  2. Great, thanks for telling us.

    Hey, on Saturday I'm cutting my lawn, why not come over and smoke some of that?
  3. lol what the fuck did you expect smoking bamboo?

    anyways, I have an incredible amount of bamboo. the shit spreads like wildfire. there's a huge ass clump of it in one corner of my yard that has been growing for many years, and it is about 30 feet tall. I should take a picture of it. it's gorgeous heh.

    if you really want to do something creative, then make a pipe or bong out of bamboo! works great. look up some directions online.

  4. LoL Funny Toasty
    I had a neighbor many years ago cut some thick bamboo fro0m my best friend's garden and he made the sweetest little bong out of it.
  5. LoL smoking Bamboo... man you must be desperate...
  6. i got a winter crop of broccoli plants that i harvested a month ago,,, i cut the plant and threw them to the side,,, theyve been dried and cured for a while,,,,come on over to my place,, we can smoke some broccoli leaves , and ill boil up some pot ,,to go with the slab of ribs...the only thing that bamboo will do for you is a year long living privacy fence,,, and if you need to support a branch or a plant,,, just cut you off a sliver,,,,, i like bamboo,,, i think its a cool ass FENCE,,,,
  7. Bamboo makes a great bong. The problem is finding some that has grown tall enough to have a main pipe that is thick enough. I had one of those before most of you were born!
  8. i was talking with an old head and he explained to me how he used to make bamboo bongs.

    how you have to cut each section out, and pour wax in and roll it around until it has formed evenly to the inside.

    he also said they would pack one hit at a time, then when it got sucked through, you would get the clear really fast and unexpected.
  9. i'm gonna cut a stalk down and try to make one. you guys should help :] its buddha belly bamboo... grows in clumps. there's a huge clump in the corner of the yard, and it's about 30 foot tall. some of the stalks are a good 6 inches in diameter. hah.
  10. i cant believe what i am reading? is it just me, or is wandering around and finding shit to smoke a real bad idea?? I smoke one thing and one thing only............MARIJUANA!!! i can HONESTLY say i have never walked up to a tree and been like..damn, those leaves look mighty smokeable!



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