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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by OldSkoolDick, Jul 15, 2003.

  1. I have heard of the balls that grow on male plants. I am finding little yellow, pus filled balls (not on my ass) but on the soil below my 12" non-vegging (yet) plants. Not a lot, usually one per plant every 3 weeks. Are these the male balls of these plants, or part of the soil (miracle-gro)?
  2. the balls are as you described them, but the growth area is a well contained indoor area, i don't see how bugs could infiltrate.
  3. The soil may have been infested with them.

  4. Store bought soil can be infested also, although it's not common.
  5. ,,
    Are these white(or yellow), stirofome looking balls, that seem like VERY VERY VERY TINY bird eggs? and pop and yellow liquid splatters?? those are part of the soil m8, most store bought soils have them.
  6. I'm assuming he knows what perlite is, but I could be wrong.

  7. r they? not bein funny but iv never seen anything that pops come in soil that was a good thing. if i did find stuff like that id worry, so wot r they then if not bug eggs or something like that???

  8. ^^ they are perlite, Barnaby, its in soil and helps out your plants, comes in store bought soils, it pops and releases the nutrients.
  9. stylez iz right, I found the balls in the package of Miricle Gro nutrient rich potting soil. After a month, it doesn't appear to have produced any insects, I can only assume that stylez iz right.
  10. I hope that they are not bug eggs. best of luck


  11. oic lol. the stuff i get thats called perlite is just like expanded volcanic rock, very small bits of it that is. its hard and dusty and comes on its own in a big bag. i dont buy soils with stuff like nutes added cus i like to add my own so i know wots in ther, dont wanna over nute. i spose its mainly for ppl with house plants that just wanna water and forget and not have to feed there plants every month. lazy buggers.

    thanx 4 letting me know tho, every days a skool day lol.

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