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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by oscurochu, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. Has anybody ever took a big hit, blow the smoke into a balloon, and only smoke that to get high? Would this even work? Just keep inhaling it, and then blowing the smoke back into the balloon until you get no more smoke? That would be the ultimate way to conserve, if it works anyway.

    I don't have any balloons, anybody wanna try it for me? :D
  2. The THC gets you high, not old smoke
  3. Please tell me your joking right? No way dude. I've heard plenty of times that all of the THC is absorbed within 3-6 seconds of inhaling it in your lungs. The only thing your doing is depriving your brain of oxygen, you'll get a head rush high for like a minute, but after that, nothings different, you definently don't get higher.
  4. ...good thing this is in Apprentice Tokers...
  5. Well the only way you'd get a head rush is if you try and do it all at once. Take one hit at a time, give yourself time to breath.

    I thought only a small percentage of the THC is actually absorbed when smoked? That's why I asked the question I did. Thanks for correcting me, if I'm wrong.

    and if old smoke had thc in it, yes old smoke will make you high.
  6. I'm not sure on the exact percentage of how much is absorbed during the first couple of seconds in the lungs, but i'm pretty sure its over 95% so in reality, your wasting time. Put in a tiny bud after the bowl is cashed and emptied and your getting more THC then in an hour of sucking on a balloon with nothing but old smoke in it. Could be wrong though.
  7. The smoke would be kinda stale and disgusting and the effects would be minimal (from what I understand), but whatever floats your boat.
  8. #8 hurb1, Oct 7, 2010
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    We wont know untill we try it. This calls for a stoner science experiment:hello:
    (this will be rather gross)
    Come to the experiment completely sober. Have an accomplice take a hit (holding it for atleast 3 seconds)and blow it in the balloon. Then you inhale the smoke from the balloon... Keep repeating this untill you feel an effect an then you will have your answer. Have fun and be sure to report back with your findings:wave:

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