Ballasts and its use

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  1. Hey fellow trippers

    what's the purpose of using ballast?? what does it do?

  2. Ballasts in terms of HID Kits usually contain the wiring to ensure that electricity has been channeled properly.

    It's wise to look out for CSA certified labels. Some company warranties them for 1 year.

    Different HIDs utilizes diffferent ballasts. ie. HPS bulbs do not fit in a MH ballast.

    There is a rampant market out there that gets rid of cheaply made ballast. It's wise to research on experiences growers have with their lighting..

    Tons of facts are available...Do a search if this is not sufficient... :)


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  8. hey guys...

    well, my question is : do i need a ballast to turn on a 250W HPS light? in no, then why buy a ballast?

  9. yea u need a ballast.

    u need it to charge up the sodium molicules so they glow.

    each type of light has a different type of ballast so u cant mix or match.

    and its the most expensive part of the lighting system. so open up the wallet and buy it.

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