ballast lifespan

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  1. hope everybodys doing good. just wondering how long your typical 600 watt ballast lasts on average. are they maintenence free for the most part? do certain parts need replacing every once in while?
    i need some info. thanks.
  2. I wouldn't suggest attempting any maintenance on a ballast unless you're a licensed electrician. If a ballast goes bad, just replace it. IMO, it's not worth risking your entire grow on a shotty ballast.
  3. we prefer quality. i have no doubts about the coolstar. just hope the thing will last a good while.
  4. Ballasts as well as all electrical equipment will have varying life expectancies depending on use and environment. Lumatek guarantees theirs for 5 years(full/prorated). Longest warranty I'm aware of.
  5. Most digital ballast now come with a 5 year warranty usually split into 2 year pro rated and 3 year replacement. Seems to be the "it" thing in the industry now to give hardware stupid warranties even seen reflector come with 5 year warranties now.

    Magnetic ballast usually have a 1 year warranty and you need to check as it could be 1 year pro rated on the cheap aluminum ones.

    For Magnetic ballast I'd go with Advanced Ballasts.
    1000W Digital - Industrial Ballasts
    600W Digitals - Galaxy Ballasts.

    Lumatek - not recommended. At least in my area they have a huge failure rate.

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