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  1. So today my ballast and bulbs came in, and I have no idea how it works. the ballast doesn't have a place to screw in a bulb. I've never used MH or HPS ballasts/bulbs before and I really need help understanding how to work the ballasts. I provided links on the bottom of the post showing the ballasts I bought
    Please tell me how to set this up and get my bulbs working.
    Thanks in advance

    Metal halide ballast : 1000 Watt - Metal Halide Ballast - 4 Tap - Venture V90D6514K Light Bulb

    Hight Pressure sodium ballast : 1000 Watt - High Pressure Sodium Ballast - 4 Tap - Venture V90D2311K Light Bulb

    I also bought the right bulbs 1000 watt MH and 1000 watt HPS
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    Did you get reflectors? I looked around the site you sent and I couldn't find them anywhere. You definitely will want to get glass enclosed, air cooled, horizontal reflectors for both those bulbs as 1000Watts will really hot imho. something like these Atlantis Hydroponics: Reflectors

    The reflector will have a bigger looking plug that plugs with the ballast.
    Put the bulbs in carefully,being carefull not to touch the glass with your oily hands. :) Use a new cloth.
    AFTER the first two steps, you plug the ballast into a timer if you have one, and then plug the timer into the wall.

    edit: after looking at the ballasts you bought another time, i am not sure if my instructions will hold for you. but either way i think you do need reflectors.
  3. I mean how do you connect the wires to get the bulb to light up?
    there isn't anything you can use to screw in the bulb to the ballast or anything connected to the ballast. I've never used this stuff before.
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    Please guys I need help
  5. Your connecting scheme is here:
    For MH one
    at the right bottom angle of the page.
    In short->First you need to connect the ballast with the capacitor,after that connect the bulb socket [which come usualy with the reflector]to the cappacitor and white/common plug of the ballast.Finally conect the ballast to plug's wire,depending of voltage using in your area.

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